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Would you like to continue the Wednesday Night Datacrom & World Boss Hunt.

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100% (12 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 12


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We used to have a lot of fun with an adventure night of hunting Datacroms and World Bosses, but the last few weeks or so no one has shown.   I was saddened last night with Rat leaving and I think others were too, but I really want to know Is the Wednesday Night Datacron Expedition & World Boss Hunt something that poeple would like to continue?   


I say Yes  and I would be happy to lead it and I'd like to expand it.  

With the Achievement system there are more things to do.

I like to make it ICly if possible but not mandatory.

Exploration. -  The planet chosen that night will explore all areas and get the speeder points so that it will help alts and newer players.

Champions -  THere are more than Wold Bosses on the planets  there are named champions ( well usually named)  We could go for them as well.

Republic - Not all our characters are on the iMP side.. we could also alternate  one week Imp the next Pub

Please submit other ideas.  ( I know there are other achievements but not in game to look at moment).

Expanding the hunt may mean that on some planets we cannot do everything in one night so it would be the next night for that faction.



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I would also like to do this

and if possible, the IC part, bring a flavor of something we did in another game, I think it would kinda fit, it was fun, and brought a bit of social RP to things...

with Henerkin's permission, I would like to have a bit of a "Ride" to it, a little music, socializing, go to a cool place to visit

doing the planets this last go round, I had to ask myself, with all the awesome art work, the fantastic vistas, what would be better?

so lets go out, get a few Datacrons, and socialize

and to be honest   Smile  Tess and Deb are a team

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You don't need my permission to do anything. wanna do something ? just go and do it :)

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That seems like a good plan you have, Thats good to see some people getting involved. It should work with some advertisement.

I don't  know if the last few runs you are speaking of had to do with it but one of the keys to a successful event is advertisement. Don't take for granted people will remember, if there is nothing on the calendar or on the front page, some people will plan something else. ( I often do, if I see nothing on the calendar, I spend time with RL friends.)

A good way to avoid that is to announce the next run and location on the forum and calendar right after the one you just did so people get a heads up a week before ,also refresh/bump that thread the day of the run. (I usually sticky them the day they are scheduled when I see them) The Ops nights are doing that most of the time and it works.

You can also make a poster or banner for the Wednesday events, (or If you need me to make one let me know), it brings some life to the front page when the events get stickied and get the vent more visibility, Ratlash had a good one :)

Even with that, some weeks may be more quiet, it happens. The last two weeks I think we had something almost every day. Busy weeks like that, some events are gonna get less people cause folks can't be attending everything all the time, RL happens, other plans happens, thats just how it goes in a games, no big deal.


Hope that feedback helps a bit.

Good luck :)





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Definitely for getting the guild together on Pub side. Kinda sad not many go over there these days for much more than maybe some crafting or weeklies to get creds or w/e. ITC was where I first started with Invicta.

Also with at least 8 ppl from the Ops Nights group possibly going, we would have at least half a geared raid group for when we do NMP or Dreadtooth (if we decide to hit Section X among the list of World Bosses). Really would only need maybe one more tank (total of 3), and at least one more healer (total of 3-4) and the rest could be dps (total of 9-10). Just make sure everyone is geared enough that is also going along.

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