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Would you be interested in having a scheduled night of 6man dungeons now and then (Khitai or old world) ?

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64% (9 votes)
36% (5 votes)
Total votes: 14
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Age of Conan


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I'm curious to see if there would be any interest in this. I don't really mind doing any kind of 6man, from easy to hardmode Khitai, or old world content like Atzel's, Xibaluku, Crow's Nest, etc.

My idea would be to do this on a regular night instead of one of the raids, either weekly or every two weeks. If we end up having more than 6 people, we could simply run two groups.


  • Having fun
  • Getting people geared up (Khitai blues can be equal or even better than T1 gear, Khitai purples could be better than a lot of stuff you could get raiding T1 and T2).
  • Learning to play our classes better, using easier or harder instances (depending on who/which classes are coming along).
  • Getting gear for vanity
  • Having fun (most importantly ;)
So please vote and post here what your preferences, interests and ideas for this would be.

I would love to do some Khitai stuff to start earning relics for epic gear.    I am game for any other instances as well

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