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What day do yall want to do Ops nights?

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21% (3 votes)
36% (5 votes)
7% (1 vote)
29% (4 votes)
7% (1 vote)
Total votes: 14
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The Old Republic


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Wednesday is Crons night and Thursday is Nar Shadda so obviously those won't be considered.

I make this post to see how majority of you feel about doing Ops nights on a different day.

I let yall make the call on what day to do it. If you have any input you would like to make, feel free to post. Especially if you have more than one day in mind. I will be considering all suggestions. Between the majority votes and what people say will determine where we go from here.

Here is my input:
I like the fact we have Mayhem Mondays and I would prefer to keep it that way cause it's easier to manage being the first day following the weekend. (and Hen's poster is awesome) I also there is something I used to try doing every Monday IRL that I hadnt in a while till I had to take my laptop in for repairs.
Fridays and Saturdays are a grey area due to the weekend, and with Sunday being my day off work, I try to do whatever I can IRL so it's better if I just say I won't be available that day.

Which leaves my vote to Tuesdays cause there is a very rare chance I wouldnt be available (obviously an absent computer makes a difference)

Since my prefered day is just one day, this is why I keep making suggestion to someone stepping up to run the Ops on other nights I wouldnt be available 

Tuesday is intel meeting days :(

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Oh? So that is designated then.... well shit. Really need to push in finding someone willing and able to run the Operations then who would have more of an open schedule than myself...

Well I can still stick to Monday runs but there will be weeks where I'll want to have that evening free to go out (due to my income and the fact the place I go to is about an hour away... its not like I'm gona do it frequently, I just didnt want to leave people hanging like I had to the last couple weeks before I sent my comp in for repairs.)

I guess what we could do is stick with Ops mondays and designate the Mondays where I wanna go out for Mayhem Mondays.

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Of course all of this is just pre planning so things are ready to be established upon me returning when I can. I figured it would be easier to plan ahead instead of waiting till I'm finally back and then everyone being unsure of the agenda.

Thing is, I'm not bothered too much that I am the designated Ops runner, and that I have to take on that responsability, though it would be nice if I wasnt the only one cause I'd hate for it to be a repeat of the last Ops group... which fell apart because the runner quit playing the game all together and thus was the reason I had to step up in the first place to see to it we got something going at all. (which I wouldnt have done except Trix motivated me when I was questioning the state of things before she had to take sick leave)

((by the way, now that I think about it, a forum officer might wanna set up my Ops Mondays and Other Days thread as a sticky and drop the one labeled as the official project invicta operations thread... cause in my free time to wander the forums I noticed a number of posts have been made still in there since after I made mine, thinking it was where they had to post to state their interest in being a part of it and there for they have been overlooked... maybe for weeks or even a couple months now. You would think putting the link to my thread in every event page would make it clear.... guess not.))

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I am gona try to set up other nights and see what the turn out is but I need ppl to post up their availability. Need to know who from the original group is still active so I know if we need to fill spaces on Monday or not.

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