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Should Tess switch professions

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Artiface - currently 400 and working on getting all recipies
86% (6 votes)
Biochem - could switch to and have reusable stims and meds plus help make more
14% (1 vote)
Total votes: 7


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WIth the newer crystals taht are lvl 1 or 10 but have 41 stats  endgame artifacer doesn't seem very useful.. should I switch Tess to biocem?


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it's probably better that you stick with Artifice. Crystals arent the only thing you can make. Enhancements are still a major seller and there is force-user off hands too.

Biochem woulda been more useful to you in earlier levels cause the purple medpacks/stims woulda kept you boosted and allowed self heals without wasting force that could go to someone else. At level 50, Biochem would be more of a money pit trying to get it up to 400 and then get all the exotech stims and what not for distribution. Since we already have at least one or two who do have 400 Biochem and have all the stims and medpacks needed to hand out for raids wouldnt really be necessary to go through that yourself 

Depends what you're doing, purple stims are nice but you dont need them. For pvp they dont matter much, the heal stim doesnt heal for much either. I'd only recommend it if you want to be a tank and even then I never went biochem on my PT. It's really preference more than anything, but don't change crafting professions just for the guild, we should still have everything covered. Just go with which you find more use out of for yourself.

I will have to run by any Artifice recipes I already know and can pass on to you.  I may have materials to spare.

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