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Should Invicta move its TOR guilds to Ebon Hawk?

Noctifer's picture
Yes, I'm moving regardless
4% (1 vote)
Yes, we should move before we're forced to
44% (11 votes)
Indifferent, I'll move if the guild moves
36% (9 votes)
No, but I'll move if the majority decides to move
8% (2 votes)
No, we should stay on Lord Adraas until we're forced to move
8% (2 votes)
Total votes: 25


Anarchis's picture

I've spent a bit of time on Ebon Hawk and its amazing the level of RP that goes on there. I believe it would be in our best interest,(granted im a scrub n00b in the guild) to go to Ebon Hawk. Whilst its free to do so is a great time to as well. It was my fall back server as well so if I was not in Invicta I would definately move there anyway. I also think the fact that they are moving FROM Lord Adrass to Ebon Hawk the already highest pop RP server in game basically means they signed our death certificate. Sucks but Ebon Hawk is epic so not really a big problem being they are having free transfers. IMHO of course.

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I had thought Lord Adraas was doing better than that, apparently BioWare thinks otherwise. I'll move if the guild wants to move, far as I'm concerned it's important we stay together.

Celoth's picture

Yes you should because Uncle Celoth is there.



Knave's picture

I rarely see anyone other than the few friends I've dragged over to Lord Adraas, so I'm all for this move. I'm going to be moving House of Dark Rose over as well.

I voted against the move because Ebon Hawk is already my alternate server.  Moving to it would require me to have to choose which characters to delete, since I have 8 on our current server and 6 on Ebon Hawk.

That said, I will move some of my characters if Invicta moves.  Characters that would otherwise be deleted will remain behind.

I hope that this decision can be made as quickly as possible, while still ensuring that everyone in Invicta has the opportunity to express their opinion.  Knowing that characters may be dropped diminishes the interest in playing them.

Yes. The rp community is being consolidated there. It makes the most sense.

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I will start moving folks soon then.

I can finally start pairing my sith warrior with you! Looking forward to it!

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General talk is full of the move.  The server is going to be a Ghost Town.  Many of us have seen this happen before in other games. 

Niteshade Runesoul's picture

Well, not sure, for the most part if the main crew moves id not see ne reason to be against the relocation personally, but then again i'm currently not up with an active sub for ToR, so i'm not sure how/if i'm even able to shift my characters in the server transfer :/

I'm surprised to see this, but to be honest I haven't been online with my mains (in PI) for a few weeks (due to real-life).  However, I can say that I am seeing fewer and fewer people running around the landscape on Lord Ardaas, so a move may be good.

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