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To PI Operations group: Which shall we do next Monday? (May 6th)

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Eternity Vault [Story Mode]
17% (1 vote)
Karagga's Palace [Story Mode]
0% (0 votes)
Explosive Conflict (aka Denova) [Story Mode]
67% (4 votes)
Eternity Vault [Hard Mode]
0% (0 votes)
Take a break to allow lower geared members to have more time to prepare for Denova or HM Ops
17% (1 vote)
Total votes: 6
Groups audience: 
The Old Republic


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Note: I still need to know what the equipment ratings are for Twin, Deb, Hen and Miel (and maybe the back-ups) so I know if we are, as a group, geared enough to even do sm Denova or Hardmode EV/KP

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In truth I am ready to heal no matter what we do *HUGGLES*

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Smile  I sent an in game reply, let me know if you got it  Smile


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I sent you a reply in game with my gear.  Most of it is 140 augmented with Overkill (power) or Reflex (Aim)  lvl 49 purple augments. My Helmet is 146 and boots are 156. Relics are Battlemaster. Earpiece is Black Hole.

I voted take a break for gear, but not a break from activity, I would say we do Black Hole, Sector X weklies as well as a HM Flashpoint or two to get a few comms for gear.

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yeah I agree about needing to stay active. and the Black Hole/Section X weeklies and HM Flashpoints are the best way outside of Operations to get geared up.

Also don't forget GSI dailies/weekly. Those give Basic comms (for lvl 53 gear) 

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Gear update:

now 156 all over except for relics, implants and earpiece.

Working on credits for Augments slot upgrades

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Ok to explain the plan:

If everyone is in at least an average rating of 140, we will be hitting Storymode Denova.

After that it's gona be a matter of levels as much as gear. Once everyone gets to lvl 55 and is in at least 146s, we will hit Storymode Terror From Beyond.
If not everyone is 55 when we do finish Denova, the plan will be to hit the Hardmodes of Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace. 
Hardmode Denova and Nightmare Mode EV/KP will require the same gear rating (146 minimum) as TFB 

As for the newest Operation, Scum and Villany, I am unaware of what it's gear rating requirement is. I hear it's the same level of difficulty as TFB but I'm also told it requires a minimum of  Dread Guard (next tier of lvl 50 gear up from Campaign/Black Hole) to do the story mode.

The Ops Weeklies do indicate what the recommended rating is for each Op/Difficulty so looking at that might help determine it. 

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Well by the looks of it, everyone (or at least the majority) is geared enough to do storymode Denova and so far votes are in favor of that. I'll give it however much longer the poll has and make the final decision then and post up the event next monday for w/e it is we are gona do.

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