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How much intrest is there in the Intelligence Division?

Yes, I want to see it continue and I am in it.
42% (5 votes)
Yes, I want to see it continue and I want to join
8% (1 vote)
No interest in it at all.
0% (0 votes)
Yes I want to see it continue but I dont have a characte suited for it.
50% (6 votes)
Total votes: 12


Feel free to leave me some feed back as well.

Thorious's picture

Intel has always been a pretty important division for PI since not very long after launch.  It is my opinion that the division should stay in existance, however, until numbers grow I think that RP should focus more on all divisions of the Project included.  Personal storylines aside, however.

Henerkin's picture

My choice is not there, even tho I have no toon in Intel or I don't plan on havig one, I like working with them on other toons.

Drikkah's picture

I'm in the same boat as this. I have no characters that are viable for intel, but that doesn't mean I don't want to see it flourish, and I always enjoy inter-department storylines.

Problem with this poll is it's all or nothing and there isn't an option for the people in between.

Enaeru's picture

Put me down in this line as well. 


Note that nobody here wants to flap our arms and demand that there be one; if there aren't enough active players then it's totally understandable if it slows down for a while. But it's awesome to have the different branches, they all have a different style of RP and type of character and it's pretty neat. 

Synthesis's picture

PI's Numbers fluctuate from time to time.  At the moment we are in a low state.  Several of our divisions have very few members which makes it difficult for those sections.  I think there should be an intel division, but at the moment the numbers are so few across all our divisions that it just makes sense for us to be working together as a Project, rather than individual divisions. 

The biggest thing I've noticed over my time here in Invicta is that a division seems to swell in numbers if there is a storyline that goes along with it.  For example, Trixie created the SOG.  At that time there were very few Chiss toons in the guild.  Once the storyline got introduced they came out of the wood work.  When Ostillio was around, and he started doing more with the Mandos, suddenly our number of Mando Toons increased. 


There, an additional choice has been added, sorry I forgot to add it or didnt check back sooner than this

Xalthier's picture

Intel is still a vital part of PI like the Sith. Our numbers do fluctuate, yes, so can't always pull ppl together, like how things have been going with the Ops nights, but it is still good to keep that open for more to get into it.

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