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As of Friday, August 10th which type of play are you doing most these days?

43% (10 votes)
22% (5 votes)
35% (8 votes)
Total votes: 23


Kariokimahn's picture

I just cant get enough of that huttball!

Henerkin's picture

At the moment I am gearing Henerkin up to War Hero, then Mo'gy, then Camoni. so I guess its PvP for a long time. Then hopefully its gonna be f2p and I can create contless alts again :)

I tend to PVP daily and hope to find RP daily

Wichita's picture

With TOR, it started as PvE with the great voice-overs, but do them once, and it's dull the next rounds. Then I found my old Invicta buddies from FE, and it became RP, when we did. Then I found the PvP to be really fun for a while.

I listed PvP, but I like to do all 3... but as I said in my last posting, all 3 have gotten stale for me in TOR. I blame myself in the RP though, being I can't find my place in the TOR world as easily as I did in Fallen Earth.


Today was a whole new experience. Guess I let my frustration get the better of me. I'll still be here yet. Mostly PvP, with a mix of RP and PvE to keep me sane from the ones who don't understand TOR's PvP from the rest of the games out there.

Raiding all the way.

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I didn't vote, mainly because I try to do all three.  Admittedly, I more PvP and RP than PvE, but I enjoy it all.

I thought of putting a fourth choice for all 3 but I am curious about that is MOST on your play list.


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