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Do you intend to play Secret World?

Noctifer's picture
Yes, I already know this will be my game of choice
7% (3 votes)
Yes, I'll play it at launch but we'll see how it goes
16% (7 votes)
38% (17 votes)
No way.
40% (18 votes)
Total votes: 45


Touren's picture

I hate to sound like a scalded old man, but I never thought I could grow so frustrated with a game company as I have with Funcom. I beta tested TSW and even while I wasn't all that impressed, if I were, I'd have the hardest time justifiying giving their company any more of my money, because of the way they jerked us around in AoC. SOE ain't got nothing on Funcom. Tongue Out The Secret World will likely be a pass for me.

Noctifer's picture

To be clear myself, I feel pretty much the same way Touren does.  I just want to get an idea of what people in the larger community are thinking.

Henerkin's picture

Maybe but right now the timing is bad, SWTOR should keep me busy for awlie still.

I selected maybe, because I think the gae could have a ton of potential. However I am VERY content in SWTOR right now, so I don't see myself going any where anytime soon.

This is Gamorn (Gorimath) not Keyarie. I couldn't log into my account from this old computer.

My thoughts are identical to Touren's for the most part. After being screwed for so long by Funcom I can't justify giving them another opportunity to do so with TSW despite how intrigued I was at the idea of the game, and beta. After their billing missteps at early access and launch of AoC, the continued billing issues that I had a couple of months ago while still playing the game, Not being awarded veteran points since its release, all the unresolved bugs, not to mention locking almost ALL of my characters when I let my subscription laps. Then being told by customer service "Oh well. We can't help you." I just can't do it. I'd still likely be playing AoC as my main game if not for some of the issues, but I'd still shy away from TSW. Once bitten and all that.

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I chose "maybe". Like most games, I wait a bit, and see players reactions. Even though leveling is fast in TOR, and hitting 50 makes the game (for me anyway), less desirable on a capped character, I still find TOR the one I play more often, and enjoy.

Fallen Earth was one I loved at launch, but as things progressed with each patch, I found it more and more annoying. RP value is still huge there, but I've found I want to play the game also. Isn't that why we purchase games in the first place?

My PC, mainly my video card, could not handle AoC well when Invicta was huge there, so I never got to experience it much. And from the above posts, it's probably a good thing with how Funcom is.

TSW sounds like a fun game. But like I said, I'm a wait and see person. Besides, most of my friends play TOR. Smile

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I feel the same way. I already have it Pre-order (use last of my store credit), I going to try it out.

Zane Richards's picture

I put maybe because you never know the future.  But yea Funcom is an instant turn off, and I'm not sure I have the heart to try another MMO at launch.  Too many disappointments.

I agree with the Funcom sentiments. Plus the game itself holds no attraction for me. I like my fantasy to be in another world, not this one :) .

Niteshade Runesoul's picture

Ill be one of the players who will be boldly sampling the game out at launch, ill be in during the headstart to get a feel for things, and the community.

i came across a TSW rp community site and some of the folks ive come across there seem nice enough so far, and theres word there may be an actual rp tagged server at launch, and i always tend to find the 'rp' servers to have some of the best in game communities overall.


Granted, i also understand alot of the 'worry' coming from this being a funcom game, i played AoC a bit around its launch, and more so have heard/read about the large amount of dissapoint from assorted players during its launch time.


I'll try to offer up any opinions I can for those that are curious about it and how it starts out of the gate though.

Wichita's picture

I noticed a link on the TSW-RP site that you posted, Devil.

Seems a lot of old Fallen Earth players going there.. Jason Vader, Alicia, Sabo Jack, Markus Blood, just to name a few.

Hmmmmmm.... let me know how it goes.

Niteshade Runesoul's picture

Someone i was talking to in the ooc chat box on that site mentioned remembering your name Wichi, but they couldnt quite remember what their character name was lol.

I also think C5 is planning on taking a peak at things in TSW as well, caught her on FE a bit the other night

Nice Hype on the game trying to make it sound unique from other MMOs. Says no classes but shows various titled types.... says no levels but you build decks to gain skills - weapons - etc? Funcom has always been good at pre-game hype, got to give them that.

Yes, its the same people who polluted my passion for pvp. Is this new game pvp, pve, special missions (as FP, Ops, Raids, etc) orientated? Are the fight mechanics as in AoC? Will they ignore player input as in AoC, giving concessions AFTER they're no longer pertinent? Will gankers be running freely about at start like AoC, and thereafter? How are the players going to treat RPers, or the game's setup going to treat Rpers? Looks like everyone will be an RPer in this Secret World, but...

I think startup will be flooded, go about 6 months, and fade into what is now happening to servers in TOR. AoC could have been so cool but they decided to favor the minority hardballers and the game sank further with their outlaw penalty system. I don't think things will be any different in their new one, but hey, they're after the big start-up payoff all mmo's seem to have before players wise up and realize another company as dooded them.

As for SWTOR, I think it is a step up from AoC, not much but some. I like the fight mechanics, the uncartoony (Pandamoniumistic kiddy appeal), the community's friendliness at large -least on the Republic side- the separation of pve/pvp/special venues, the storylines. If Funcom had listened to its user base I think SWTOR would have no place in the MMO world outside of offering star war fans the background it does.

Yeah, I voted maybe for Secret. I will wait for the reports to see if I'm right or wrong. Truthfully, I'm tired of jumping ships; SWTOR suits me and so long as they keep adding content and improving their shortcuts I'll stay with this game. 

If I may take a moment to register a bitch, here goes: The only issue I have with TOR is our guild divided. I wish we hadn't done that. Why? Well, I started out on Sith side, found very few on that side on server, then 'turned' Republic and began to level toward 50, got halfway there only to find out everyone was going Sith once our leadership settled into the dark side. Thursday RP at a bar is IMO boring verses DOING things as we did in AoC as a guild unit - going on hunts, going gathering together, etc. Can't schedule anything for one side as it conflicts with the other's planned events since people with toons on both sides want to be able to participate on both sides (I understand that). I personally feel it has stiffled our growth as a guild - anyone on who can invite so-and-so to guild? No, dam just lost the chance to get another player to run and RP with. Sorry if I have offended anyone.

Okay, Im done. And no, the coup is off! Going back to being a recruit/member/slave/whatever and trying to write Shakespeare-style poetry (laugh, that's a joke! Not Shakespeare, my attempt to even comtemplate such.)



Wichita's picture

This gripe Hith'rym posted above I kind of feel also. The split does make it hard. I was going to make a poll, asking which side we prefer playing, but that seems unfair too, being some play both.

Like I said in my post earlier, new players, don't rush to hit 50. For me anyway, the fun stopped there. It's why I play alts and not Exousia so much.

Ok, back to TSW.  I'm still at maybe. Hith made good points... no levels or classes, yet you have titles and decks to build... huh? Isn't that classifying your role, somewhat?

Oh well... TOR has me, for now.

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Hithrim: Bitch registered :D

First though, just to clarify, I hadn't really planned on the guild as a whole hopping games myself... I'm happy with TOR and don't really see myself moving elsewhere any time soon.  But because we're a multi-platform community, if enough people had said 'yes, I already know this will be my game of choice' then I would've started moving forward with supporting an Invicta presence there with the folks that were going.  Obviously, folks don't feel strongly about it at all, so I don't plan on doing that.

Back to the bitch: ...this really should be its own thread.

I put maybe, i really like the premise of the game and i think it would fit my particular brand of crazy better then SWTOR. But after AOC i'm thinking of waiting for all the launch bugs to be ironed out and see what the reviews are of the game. One thing i have learned about funcom is when they put a game out they stick with it for the long haul. Alot of game companies would have probably given up on AOC and shut it down, but they stuck with it, and the way it looks is that it'll be around for a while, plus even if they do improvements after they are completely relevant, they still do them and continue adding content (even if it is slow) long after people were calling for them to just shut the servers down.

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if Invicta has a presence on TSW then if i do decide i'm tired of subbing to TOR then TSW would be my next choice in MMOs to play. i was on the beta and enjoyed it but stuck with TOR cause most ppl i knew were still here

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