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Are people still interested in doing Ops?

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72% (23 votes)
22% (7 votes)
Yes, but it needs to be on a different day (please post the day you would prefer)
6% (2 votes)
Total votes: 32
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The Old Republic


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I am aware of the fact we have had fluctuating member activity but at the same time I know i've seen a lot of those who were wanting to go be active quite a bit so I am curious if it really is just an availability factor or if those who were going just lost interest. 

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Just a thought....  I know that some of the stuff you mention for ops night is also the possibility of doing dailies/weeklies and the like.  Monday is the last day before the weekly counter gets switched over, by this point many of us have already done our weeklies.  What if we switched this to Tuesday nights, everyone would pretty much have a fresh timer and while it may not be groups getting together for ops (getting eight of us online right now is rare) it would, in my opinion, increase the chance of people grouping up and running the various weeklies. (heroics in the daily areas, heroics on Voss etc) 


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I can get behind this idea. I so rarely end up doing dailies because trawling through them solo is such a drudge. They go quickly in a group, and it'll really boost guild income for any incidentals we might need.

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Will need Henerkin to make a new poster for Tuesdays (Tactical Tuesdays?... we can figure out a name for it as we go) but yeah, I can totally support doin it that way :)

probably would be better on Tuesdays cause Mondays I'm not always available, thus why i havent been showing up 

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