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The Old Republic

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Huttball practice

Huttball practice this Wed. March 21st

Time:7 pm - 9 pm EST

Let's get together and get the ball rolling here.I'll begin forming up the first team at 7 pm and see how many more show up from there.Sign up and post with your lvl/class and I can get an idea of balanced squads beforehand.For those of you new to the guild you can find our vent info in the Genreal forums under announcements.

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Drinks at the Double D

Where: Dealer's Den.  Coruscant

When: Thursday, 8PM CST

This will be a regular weekly party to see and be seen.  Meet folks, develope realtionships and storylines, network, recruit, and have fun.


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Invicta Event Nights

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Invicta Event Nights


We’re now announcing Invicta’s scheduled event nights. 

From here on out, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, we’ll be holding regular events.

Thursday will be a dedicated “Drinks at the Double D” night.

We’ll begin meeting up at the Dealer’s Den on Coruscant to RP, network, develop stories, and establish a visible world presence on this server.  The events will begin around 8 PM CST and have no scheduled end time.


Tuesday and Saturday will be acting as place holder nights.  Those will be used for Flashpoints, Operations, PvP, Huttball matches, etc…etc… 

They can also be used for Imperial side events, if anyone wishes to organize a social over on the red side, by all means, do so.

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Invicta United Huttball Club!

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We are now formally announcing the formation of Invicta's new IC Huttball club, "Invicta United Huttball Club"

Here's how we're planning on it to work.

Team Roster:

Hardmode Instance Run! 02/25 Saturday 9 EST/8 CST! (Republic side)

This is it! Invicta's first Endgame-focused guild event! It will be taking place on Saturday the 25th of February starting at 9 EST/8 CST for all level 50s interested! We will be running the Hardmode Flashpoints in the hopes of gearing everyone up for future raids!

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Search and Rescue... [Schedualed RP Meet up!]


This really isn't a planned event, or schemed outline. Several pieces to the puzzle of Ostilio and Touren's "Deaths" have been discovered, and this is a chance for those pieces to come together. What this is, is providing a meeting time for our members, and members of the 28th Special Tactics Squadron, to join together and progress the current ongoing plotline within the guild and it's allies.


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Invicta Trade Company Recruitment Drive!

Captain Touren Darish, owner and operator of a Shipping business known as Invicta has sent out transmission. From Smuggler to Businessman, Pilot to Trader, a massive call out has been heard. Some through public transmissions, and others through underworld connections. If someone is looking for work, or just connections, this would be a high time to get such things settled.


------ OOC ------

Project Invicta , Rebuilding

Several messages go out across various spectrums signaling a meeting of Project Invicta. Former members, associates, and those seeking to join the unit are instructed to muster on the bridge of the the Ziost Shadow. Free passage assurances are made to those who might otherwise be detained. Report to Doctor Ryzandu…

*Meeting is this Friday, Jan 6th, 6pm Pacific/ 9pm Eastern*

Star Wars: The Old Republic (Empire Faction)

Project Invicta was initially formed as a secret initiative under Imperial Intelligence to prepare for the renewal of hostilities against the Republic and subsequent final victory for the Empire. Originally organized by the Sith Doctor Ryz Andu, leadership was reassigned to Count Noctifer of House Varn of Serenno, whom oversaw a massive growth to the power and influence of the Project.

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The Old Republic

Group for players of Star Wars: The Old Republic, both Imperial and Republic players.

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New TOR Screenshots at MMORPGS.com

The guys over at MMORPGS.com have posted some new screenshots for Star Wars: The Old Republic, featuring Force Users and Companions.  You can find these and more screenshots on the official page here.

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The Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular revealed!

A couple of articles have hit the web on ST:TOR's recent revelation of the Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular.  You can read MMORPGs.com article here and an interesting review on DarthHater's blog here.


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