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The Old Republic

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Trixie’s Guide to Flagships

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Let’s Build a Spaceship

I’m going to skip past all the minutia and get right to the important stuff. I know you guys want to expand the flagship, so that’s what I’m going to focus on.
Firstly, priorities. We’re going to focus on expanding the decks in this order.

1: Crew Deck
2: Command Deck
3: Hanger Deck
4: Engineering Deck

Being that each deck requires different tokens, and that we have a priority, please don’t buy the tokens yourself. If you get the wrong one, then you’ve just wasted a lot of effort on your part. Please let me or the other officers do the actual buying, or at least consult with one before you purchase plans, just to make sure you get what we need.

Now, for the expanding process, we can expand in 2 ways…

1: Conquests
2: Crafting

Option 1: Expansion via Conquests.

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Invicta’s Wall of Merit

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Invicta’s Wall of Merit is a list of those whom have distinguished themselves in service to the project. Whether on the field of battle or off, the wall of merit is a listing of the greatest of the great.

Honourees to the Wall of Merit receive one of the following medals.

The Medal of Fire: Awarded for exceptional aggression and skill on the field of battle. The Medal of Fire is awarded to those who show great skill at taking the fire in their souls, and channelling it at our enemies.

Project Invica's Dice Rules

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Basic PVE dice rules:
For some guild events we incorporate a dice rolling system. The idea/hope for the dice rolling system is not to take over the event- but to take out some of the damage taken out of the players hand.
It basically works like this-
-Every player has 10 hit points for armor, and 20 hit point to health. So in all a total of 30 hit points (if this number is changed it will be explained prior)
-Every player will have 1 save.
-We come up to a npc spawn, and kill them and everyone rolls a d20... ( its /roll d20 or /ran d20 in game) I should clarify that none of the rolling is for 'if' you hit or kill the npc's. They are killed, your rolling is strictly for your own damage and how much you take.

15-16 = 1 point of damage
17= 2 points of damage
18= 3 points of damage
19 = 4 points of damage
20 = 5 points of damage

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Inteligence Division

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"This isn't Glamorous work. We're sanitation workers--we clean up after the military and the Sith and do the jobs no one else will do."

Rank Structure: [OOC: Ranks within the Intelligence Division are for RP flavors, letter/number designation is given out on a first come first serve basis.]

One who sacrifices much so that Imperial Intelligence may exist, Keeper is more title than person. He has no name, and shoulders the responsibility of running the most advanced intelligence agency in the galaxy. He knows the darkest secrets of the Empire, the true scope of Imperial Intelligence’s reach, and the burden of dealing with the Dark Council directly.

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Sith Order of Invicta Roster

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This is the official roster for the Sith Order of Invicta. If you have a Sith character that you wish to play within the order, please list them in the format specified below.

This roster will be used as a tool for event planning and for RP networking. As such, I’ll be updating it regularly to keep it up to date.

If I’ve noticed that people on the list aren’t playing regularly, or are out of game, you might notice that the names have been removed. This doesn’t mean that they’ve been completely expelled from the Order, or the guild. It’s merely because I’m trying to keep the roster up to date based on player activity within the order. As players return, or play their sith more regularly, their names will be re-added.

I’ll ask that people list their ranks, names, their master/apprentice status, and alts that they can be commonly found on.

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Mods for Guildies

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Ok Gang!  I’m officially in the business of modding up our crew.  If you’re lvl 53 and up, there are some massive new mods out there.  Crafters are now able to make some of the best PvE gear in the game.  I have the capability to make every sort of item mod there is.  So far, I’ve only been able to get all the Armour plates and mods done with Cybertech.  Artifice and Armstech are next.  After that, I’ll work on Biochem for stims.

Here I’ll post what I can do, and what I need in order to do it for you.

The following are the armour plates and mods that Cybertech can create.  Each of the mods and armour plates costs two of the following

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SOG (Chiss Culture RP Group) Story and Guidelines

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There’s been a bit of confusion in the Chiss Group lately.  As such, after speaking with a few people, I believe a few things need clarification.  Various members of the group aren’t sure as to the direction and operations of how the group works, or even the membership.  As such, I’m going to add a bit more definition to it, in order to make things flow a bit easier.

As the SOG is a hyper focused group, I’m going to set a few ground rules, as not to dilute the setting for the whole group.

ICly, The SOG (Studies and Observations Group) was established, by the Chiss Expeditionary Defence Force, to assist the Empire in their war against the republic, as well as promote and protect the interests of the Ascendancy in alien space.

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Recruits and Acolytes

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This thread is for posting information on new recruits to Project Invicta.  When someone is invited into the guild (whether a new player or an alt of an existing member), post the following information here:

Name: Character name in TOR
Forum Handle: If different from their character name
Side: Empire
Status: Whether the OOC and IC interview has been completed (should be for ALL new recruits).
Notes: Any interesting notes, like what sort of RP they're into, class, interests, etc.

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When It's Time, It's Time

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When I first came to SWTOR from AoC in 2011, I had no intention of becoming a guild leader.  In fact, I had every intention of avoiding it.  I started off playing in ITC (Invicta Trade Company) on the Republic side of the server, but it became increasingly apparent that the game could not support two chapters of Invicta.  The faction divide was just too strong, so we made the call to shut down ITC and consolidate on the Imperial side in 2012.


In early 2013, I took over command from Noctifer after he decided that it was time for him to move on.  Since then, I’ve proudly filled the role of guild mama in both good times and bad, and I’ve been honoured to have the confidence of the people in this guild to do so.  Some of the most rewarding roleplay and the most endearing online friendships that I’ve made have happened in Invicta:SWTOR. 


That is why it is with great sadness that I must announce my retirement from SWTOR.


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Post-Hoth Party!

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Post-Hoth Party!
7/13 9pm est.
Krayt's Nest (Privateers' Galactic Stronghold)

Y'all earned it! Come celebrate at The Krayt's Nest with Tatooine Frontier Music, Booze, Spice, gambling , dancers, Escorts and other sins.



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on How Being in Guilds Helped with My Job

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I had a thought today, at work.
Y'see, when people at work run into various problems, they usually message the supervisors as a big group. Kinda like if people call out into guild chat that they need help. And I noticed today that sometimes, despite there being a very simple three-letter acronym we can use to indicate to the employee asking for help that we're busy (and thus to please hang tight for someone who isn't), a lot of us ... just don't use it that much.
It made me think of how frustrating it can be for people to feel like they're ignored, even though people saw them, they were just busy. And I remembered how folks here were always good about speaking up, even if they're tied up with other stuff.
I am never too busy to type three letters into a message window. I learned that from Trixie, and from y'all, and that thought made me happy today. :) I love you guys.

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WEEKLY MERC CREW EVENT: Meeting / Job distribution -Thursday Jan 12 2017 - 9pm EST (8pm CST)

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Every Thirsday the Merc Crew will gather on the ISS Imvicta to discuss ongoing and upcoming jobs. This Thirsday will be the first meeting of that kind so we'll have an IC Par then an OOC part caus I;ll need your input on how we'll do things.
See you there!
Thursday Jan 12 2017 - 9pm EST (8pm CST)

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Yeah, we all knew this was coming

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I have never been happy with myself.

For 16+ years, I've hopped from job to job, relationship to relationship, state to state, trying to find my happiness. All throughout that, I've been playing MMOs. I made friends there when I couldn't find any in person. People there didn't judge me; not much, anyway.

And it took a while, but eventually I found you guys. Of all the friends I've made and managed to keep online, you guys are some of the most consistent. You never give me shit for my unpredictable hiatuses, or for being unable to participate due to chronic illness, or for sticking my foot in my mouth due to anxiety. No matter what shit came down the pipeline, you guys stood alongside me with it.

Operation Code Keeper

Submission Type:

Attention Invicta Personnel

Recently Keeper Jar’rogen was captured by Zakuul forces, given the extremely sensitive nature of the information he possesses it is imperative that we recover him before he breaks under interrogation. All available personnel that can assist contact Darth Belatrix for assignment as quickly as possible.

Current information follows:

Zakuul personnel enlisted the aid of several Nar Shaddaa gangs to assist with capturing Keeper Jar’rogen, he was last seen being loaded, unconscious, aboard a ship with Skytrooper droids.

Operation Cat Track

Keeper Jar'rogen has been captured by hostile forces.

Forces included:
Pair of Skytrooper droids
Unknown human military forces
Local Nar Shaddaa gang members
TZ-24 Gladiator

Before the Gladiator could get away Luthienn was able to tag it with a tracker, as soon as a location is found forces will be deployed in an attempt to recover Jar'rogen.

Friday, September 30, 2016 - 10:00pm

Operation Sun killer

After extensive research on Eternal Empire technology, including remains of destroyed Star Fortress, and the employment of several highly skilled science teams I have a prototype weapon that should allow us to destabilize the reactor core of a Star Fortress from the outside.

This mission will be the field test of this device, however, should it fail I will need enough personal with me in order to board and destroy the fortress from with-in in order to cover up the test.

Friday, September 23, 2016 - 10:00pm
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Pirate Event Part 2- Keelhaul, Kill All!

Following the liberation of Rusty, The Skull's Jawa Chief Engineer, a message was sent. whover will mwess with the Pirates will tuirn the sands of tatooine red with theirs flesh and guts.
despite that, The Exchange kept sending troops to invade Captain Eisley's territory. It's time to show them they weren't joking and erradicate the invaders once and for all.

Saturday, September 10, 2016 - 8:30pm
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Out in a meaningless system of a useless sector floats a nameless, uninhabited lump of rock. Assorted debris orbit it, too small to be moons, too many for anyone to notice one more.

Among the irregular rocks rests a ship, its transponder codes deliberately mangled, exterior markings so marred by scavenging as to be unrecognizable. The few patches of crimson outer hull left are too damaged to be useful to any but the most desperate. Engine casings, modified to accommodate larger and more powerful drives, sit empty. Wires drift in non-existant breezes. Most of the transparisteel viewports are cracked and broken - some from the outside, but alarmingly, most blown out from the inside.

It holds no escape pods. It carries no weaponry.

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Pirate Event Part 1- Game of Jawas: One Jawa in the Dead Man's Chest.

Pirate Event Part 1- Game of Jawas: One Jawa in the Dead Man's Chest.

The Skull and its crew drew the ire of The Exchange on Tatooine following a raid by Captain Eisley and his First Mate Melkaio, alongside with their Mandalorian friend Telessa. Everything would have been just fine if the Captain woulnd't have pushed the arrogance to the point of leaving a signature to the event as an act of provocation. to be fair they were on his land, they didn't belong there and he had a long going grudge against them.

Thursday, August 25, 2016 - 8:30pm

My little desk buddy

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2nd part of the "In search of the Doctor "

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Information extract from the slaver leads Invicta to where the doctor being held. The event will be held on 8/11/17 at 9pm est. We will start on the ISS Invicta.

Working like a dog

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I was covering one of the job sites for one day a week so the other officer could get a day off. Well today she quit so now they have me working 7 days a week until they can find somebody to help relieve me. Problem is that you have to have a TWIC card (higher security clearance) to work this site which nobody that works in this area has yet. Waiting list for a TWIC card is 4-6 weeks. And that's only if somebody applies tomorrow. So I'm stuck working 60 hours a week for well over a month. Only plus side is that during the week some of my shifts don't start until 0200. So I may have some extra time to play with you guys. It all depends on my sleep schedule. I'll see everyone as soon as I can.


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When Henerkin yells : FIRE!

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Pretty sure it looks like that when Hen yells FIRE!

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First two fights... four teams two eliminations!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016 - 10:00pm
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TOR ROLEPLAYING is the location of the sign up sheet. Its starting today for one week! SIGN UP NOW! (Signing may be done here or on the page itself. thank you and too all who join... you have my undying gratitude for making this event fun and entertaining!))

Tuesday, August 2, 2016 - 5:30pm to Tuesday, August 9, 2016 - 9:00pm
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((Everything in parenthesis is ooc ))
Hello this is an invite from your neighbor in Invicta to all the troublemakers of the casino! Yes Troublemakers. I am known as Doctor Raci and I have come up with an awesome way to let off some steam with all the fighting and death we do behind the scenes.

What must you do to be apart of the event? That's simple... look around your area (Your guild) for a special someone to be your partner as each team must have two members to compete. That's what we will focus on in week one. Establishing teams and setting up the first match. Then the following match it is up to each of the four people ((on both teams of the match.)) to fight and establish the winner within the ONE WEEK. Members of Invicta will be doing the same thing as this is opened to both under Darth Belatrix and Xilyia the magnificent.

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Teon and his toys.

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