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Elder Scrolls Online

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Fort Invicta is open for business!

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Check out Fort Invicta, our guildhall located in the mountains east of Bangkorai!

To get to Fort Invicta, just right click on my name in your guild or friends list and select 'Visit Primary Residence'

Here are a few screenshots:




The Entrance Hall


Mess Hall



General Barracks

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Closing up shop on ESO

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In the end, ESO just didn't live up to what I'd hoped it to be (an online version of Skyrim), so I've canceled my subscription. As I think we've maybe two other people who log in with any regularity there, I don't plan to work out a transfer of leadership. I don't think I'm giving up on MMOs altogether, but haven't entirely settled elsewhere yet. Once I do, I'll make sure to get word out.
Sorry gang!

Dye colours for armour

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Due in early August, currently on the PTS.

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Reality Check - Toms Hardware Review

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This review is quite amusing - I am wondering if it is accurate? Should I skip the newbie Island?
I have already purchased the game and will be starting this week - weekend at the latest.
Have a safe week everyone!!


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Hola! /endlurking (OOC)

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Hola All,
I hope all of you have been well these past few years since we have last seen each other. I have been well, thanks for asking. hehe

I was thinking of trying to get back in the game, as it were. I see we are active in ToR and ESO, which has more active players?

My inclination is to try something new (ESO) plus it looks like Zilda/Kem only plays ESO!! I hope you wouldn't mind me sitting around again!!


I still think of all of you as my extended gaming family. From SWG to Invicta you have always made me feel welcome, and I thank you for that.


Oh - Sanja I almost forgot - I still have a bag of eyeballs from AoC I have kept in the freezer all these years - still want them?

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My deal in ESO

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Alright, so here's the thing... I miss the hell out of you guys and want to play ESO with you, so I've set up a guild Daggerfall-side and will be inviting you in as I see you. I plan to start doing a little light RP in the guild next week.
My time, however, is still pretty limited. I'm still running a 40+ player LARP every other Saturday and it takes a ton of prep, so the week that the LARP is happening, my free time for MMOs is pretty slim. The week its _not_ happening, I should be on much more. This will likely last through November or so, then I'll have a break until March again (unless we decide to end it with Chronicle 2, which is very, very possible).
I just wanted y'all to know where I was at and why my time online might be limited a bit. Still looking forward to hanging with y'all and enjoying ESO!

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Making a Go at Elder Scrolls Online

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Alright, as some of you might've noticed, I've a hankering to get back into MMOs and I'll be making a go at Elder Scrolls Online. If you're planning to play, interested in playing or just curious, click the 'groups' link at the top and join the Elder Scrolls Online group. That'll give you access to the ESO forums and allow you to join the discussion there.
Yes, this means I'm intending to open an Invicta chapter there. The basic concept of the guild will be very familiar to those of you who played Age of Conan with us... the Invicta Mercenary Company. Until I've really dug into things (tomorrow! I picked up early access), I don't have a ton more details. If you're interested, join that group and we'll discuss more in the ESO forums.
I'd love to play with you guys again! Been missing y'all tons!

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Elder Scrolls Online

A group for members and friends of the Invicta Mercenary Company in Elder Scrolls Online.

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