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Pirate Bazaar Tatooine Edition

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Saturday, June 18, 2016 - 8:00pm

When: Saturday June 18th 8pm CST (9pm EST)

What: Pirate Bazaar

Where: Tatooine -2386, 384 and the Privateers' Stronghold later on.

IC: Members of Invicta and allies are invited to attend this first Pirate Bazaar from Captain Henerkin Eisley and his crew. those interested in attending will meet at Rusty's Sandcrawler at the coordinaes provided. They will then ride to the hidden location where the pirates hold their event. They will then be given tour of the market where they can find virious loot the pirates are selling for very good prices.

OOC: This is a social even in my Tatooine stronghold with the pirate bazaar as a theme. Don't worry about credits, all trades will be in emotes rp and nothing will be really traded. Thats just for the fun of it. We thought that will all the stuff the pirates come by and with the black market being a bit more complicated to access with the Zakuul situation that would be a nice RP opportumity. For those who are gonna be thetre at the beginning, the even wil start at the coordinates provided and we will then move to my stronghold when we are ready. When we get there we'll meet up downstairs at the ship pad where the sandcrawler is and do as if we jus came through the duse sea with it.


Damn. That sounds like a blast. Unfortunately I got scheduled for a double shift. Normally I have Saturdays off but not this week :(

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