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ITC: Cademimu! - Tonight (Friday 10th) 7:30pm Central, 8:30pm Eastern

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The Old Republic


Max and Jentele braved the Mando Raiders flashpoint (easy mode) since nobody wanted Cademimu and I think the big winner on gear was his droid! This is an easy instance and a short one for gearing at about levels 21-25. Next time is Taral V (easy mode on Republic side at levels 28-32, the Boarding Party on Empire side) which also has a HardMode component. Truesdale, Jentele, and Cearra did Taral V and we almost got the bonus boss down - next time for sure!

We would very much like to see our Friday eve Flashpoint Event have full Invicta Teams! Taral V HM is the place to start out for level 50s. If you and another player feel you can take one or two other Invictans on a harder FP then please speak up on Friday evenings. If you want help with an easy mode FP (level 39 and below) ask and we'll see if we can get a level 50 to assist you. My only personal restriction to helping low level toons thru FPs is no more than 2 levels gained in a week. I apply this to any player (guild or not) asking for assistance.

So, getting tired of the bar scene? Come on out on Friday evenings for Flashpoint Fun - we can go thru them fast, or slow for gathering, or RP them! They afford you experience, strategy, frustration, gear (HM commendations for higher level Black Hole gear, Columi and Tionese gear), gathering and fun! Sometimes all as once!

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