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Invicta Information

Elder Scrolls Online

Archived Platform Information (for closed guilds in other games):

Mission The primary purpose of Invicta is to provide an enjoyable environment for our membership and to contribute to the overall quality of our server of choice. To this end, we seek to promote role playing within and without the guild while excelling at PvE and PvP play. Furthermore, we seek to remain at the forefront of adventure on our server, to not only provide greater experience and ability to our members but to promote the enjoyment of others in the games we enjoy. Guild Directives These directives apply to all members of Invicta, regardless of the game they are playing.

  • The First Directive: Have fun! Members who fail to comply with this rule will be publicly flogged.
  • The Second Directive: As long as Invicta is over your head, what you do reflects on all of us. That pretty much sums up every other directive.
  • Roleplaying Guidelines: All members of Invicta are expected to follow the server policies established by the game developers and remain “in character” in spacial chats (for example, in /say or /yell). That means that “leet speak” is prohibited in all public channels. Though members are encouraged to create backgrounds and establish a specific personality for their character, this is by no means a requirement for membership. We’re not RP elitists, we’ll accept anyone as long as they at least make the attempt to remain in character in public channels. Try to avoid speaking "Out of Character" (OOC) in /say and /yell, but if it becomes necessary, use markers or brackets to indicate you are speaking OOCly. When possible, use whispers if you must convey OOC information to a single individual. Party chat is generally considered OOC (i.e. there's no need for brackets), unless someone in your party initiates IC conversation there. If there are non-Guildies in your party, please explain this when they join the group, as many other guilds do it differently.
  • Guild Chat Guidelines: All members are asked to remain “in character” in guild chat, using brackets when you must speak OOC in guild chat. The guild will have IC reasons for this ability to communicate over long distances, whether a special emblem that allows magical communication or radios tuned to specific frequencies, depending on the genre of the game.
  • Participation Guidelines: Members of Invicta are expected to log in to their characters at least once every 15 days. If there is a situation where you need to be gone for longer than that, please post a notice on the forums and you will not be kicked. Recruits will be removed from the guild after 15 days of not logging in without notice. Full members with in-game ranks will be demoted to the lowest member rank after 15 days of not logging in without notice and will be removed from the guild after 30 days in good standing. If member who left in good standing later returns, they will be re-invited into the guild.
  • Forums Guidelines: All members are expected to join our website and are encouraged to participate in discussions there. While participation is not a requirement, you should at least attempt to review our website at least once a week for any important announcements or plans that are being discussed there.
  • Behavior Guidelines: When you are playing with others, you represent the other members of the Guild. All members are expected to play honorably and respect other players OOCly. Your RP may not be particularly honorable or friendly, but you should never be involved in griefing, corpse camping, or ninja looting. Doing any of these things may be grounds for immediate dismissal.
  • A Note on Elitism: This goes hand-in-hand with Behavior, above, but it needs to be clear. It is our purpose to encourage roleplay in others, not to attack those who do not wish to roleplay. We will welcome fellow players who are at least respectful of roleplayers, even if they elect not to roleplay themselves. Though you shouldn't feel compelled to roleplay with individuals that you do not enjoy roleplaying with, neither should you publicly deride the roleplay of others or their choices.
  • Loot Policy: Loot policies vary per game, depending on how important loot is to gameplay and systems of loot distribution. Generally, if someone needs something, they'll get a chance at it. For games with epic loot, we will use a loot reel system appropriate to that game. This loot policy applies whether you are traveling with guild members or not. Obviously, if your party leader or group leader indicates an alternate loot policy, you will follow those rules.
  • PvP: The PvP policies depend heavily on the roleplay of the guild in each game. For example, in Age of Conan, where Invicta is part of an Aquilonian noble house, attacking without provocation or reason is strongly discouraged. By contrast, in Fallen Earth, where Invicta is an Outlaw motorcycle gang, we'll attack anyone anywhere for whatever reason.
  • Public Discussion Guidelines: When you are posting to public forums as a member of Invicta, speaking in OOC chat or whispering others OOCly, remember that your actions represent every other person in the guild. We ask that you avoid flame wars; feeding forum trolls; actually being a forum troll; using racial, enthnic, religious or sexually-oriented slurs and so on. It is strongly recommended that you take the "High Road" in OOC whenever possible. If you get killed, ganked, corpse-camped or whatever, let your guildmates know, but please don't complain about it on the official forums or in the OOC channel. Obviously, if you're called out on public forums or OOCly, then feel absolutely free to respond. We're not looking to dictate what you can and cannot say here, so the guildeline on public discussions is a bit looser than others. In some cases (like making a racial or sexually-oriented slur), you might get kicked without a second glance. In other cases (feeding the forum trolls), you'll likely just be politely asked to cool off a bit when posting on forums. Just remember the Second Rule...

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