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Fallen Earth Guild Information

NOTE: Our Fallen Earth guild has been disbanded and we no longer provide support to that game. The following remains as an archive of what we were about there.

Invicta Outlaw Motorcycle Club is a CHOTA-focused guild that accepts just about anyone willing to live by Reaper's Rule. Members of any faction except Enforcers are welcome, though new recruits are brought in as Roadkill and promotion is sporatic and at the whim of Reaper or one of his lieutenants (currently Rose Kershaw, Noctifer, Henerkin, Death Blight and Moiraine). Reapers never really given a reason why he's recruited the people he has into the Club, assuming he even fully knows his reasons.
To ride hard, live fast and reclone when the shit hits the fan.
Tenets (IC Directives)

  • Reaper's Rule: There is one rule... Reaper is the boss. Anything else comes out of that.

Loot Policy
The Loot Policy is currently extremely loose. Generally, members are expected to be fair with one another. If you are working with people outside the guild, round robin looting is heartily recommended.

PvP Policy
If they're not Invicta, they're fair game. Invicta MC are friendly with some, particularly with 'friendly' CHOTA and Traveler, so don't attack first there.
Absolutely no PvPing in a Clone Facility. If you've sent the enemy to the cloner, don't even enter the doors. If you are attacked inside a cloning facility, of course, fight back, but fight your way out. Under no circumstances do we clone camp, even when people are flagged.
RP Policy
Invicta MC follows the overall Invicta RP Standards. To be clear, we do not tell people how to RP and are respectful of the RP of others. If you don't care for a storyline or character, simply avoid RPing with that person. RP Elitism is not tolerated. Members can view a more thorough discussion of our RP standards in this thread in our forums.
We are currently recruiting for Invicta MC. Contact Reaper or Henerkin in-game for an IC interview.
Fallen Earth Group
If you are a member of Invicta on Fallen Earth, make sure you remember to join the Fallen Earth group.


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