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Age of Conan Guild Information

Invicta is a guild of former mercenaries associated with the Poitainian House Maxtentius on the Wicanna server of Age of Conan. Though we defend the Aquilonian Crown and those loyal to her, we still tend to expect coin for shedding blood otherwise.
After the retirement of Aureleus of House Maxtentius and his wife the Lady Kemena, the city and company suffered a mighty blow from an unknown enemy. Picking up the pieces after the attack, we work to rebuild the fort and regrow our numbers. Invicta is actively led by Regent Atrinark and Legatus Sryke.
It is the purpose of Ordo Invicta to provide dependable physical, moral and tactical support in the defense of Aquilonia, her King, the Barony of Baione and House Maxtentius. To that end, we will support one another in all endeavors and against all adversaries, both personal and professional.
Tenants (IC Directives)

  • All members must be free from the debt of slavery to anyone outside the House or its retainers.
  • All members must maintain and protect the interests of the Maxtenti.
  • All members must be willing to trust and submit to their superiors within the House.
  • All members must treat those of inferior rank or position with respect and remain worthy of their trust.
  • All members must provide aid to their fellows when it is within their power to do so.
  • No member shall provide aid to their fellows in a manner which would be to their own detriment, physically or financially.
  • No member shall make profit from their fellows within the House.
  • No member shall act against the sovereignty or safety of the Aquilonian Crown.
  • No member shall bring permanent injury against his fellow within the House.
  • No member shall be left behind should he fall nor ransom unpaid should he be captured.
  • No member shall accept the name or reputation of the House to be slandered by idle talk, action or inaction.
  • All soldiers of the House must be of the age of majority.
  • All soldiers of the House have the right to turn down a contract offered for any reason, even those accepted by their fellows.
  • All soldiers of the House must honor any contract with a client that does not violate any other Tenet.

Command Structure
As described in here
Loot Policy
If an item is an upgrade for you, even if you're a level or two low for it, roll need. There's no need to ask, just click the button. The timer on loot in AoC doesn't leave much time for discussion.
If an item is not an upgrade, feel free to greed it.
Obviously, if you're a tank and a cloth drop comes up, you shouldn't be rolling need. Same if you're a mage and armor shows up. Use your head and be fair when you choose a button to click. Command is very firm about this guideline. If you need something that you cannot use, just because you want to auction it off, expect Command to come down on you hard for it.
For epic loot in endgame raids, we use a loot reel system, as described in our raiding forums
This loot policy applies whether you are traveling with guild members or not. Obviously, if your party leader or group leader indicates an alternate loot policy, you will follow those rules.
PvP Policy
Those who wish to participate in PvP are very much encouraged to do so, but attacking others without cause is severely discouraged. Obviously, on the battlefield, you'll attack and be attacked, but attacking another player to steal a harvesting node or mob or just for kicks isn't acceptable. We're not bandits or mass murderers. Killing mortal enemies, the target of sanctioned contracts, individuals on our private KOS list and those who are attacking you or a guildmate, defending allied guildmembers and defending people questing in Aquilonian lands from random attackers are perfectly good reasons. And under no circumstances do we corpse-camp. Though if you are ganked or corpse-camped, calling in your guildmates to teach the guy a little lesson is not only allowed but encouraged.
Our Age of Conan division of Invicta is now actively recruiting, and accept all promising applicants. Contact Nefethys, Atrinark, Kyzafi, Cearah, Kharhi, Sryke or Shalise in-game to set up an IC interview.
Age of Conan Group
If you are a member of Invicta on Age of Conan, make sure you remember to join the Age of Conan group.


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