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World of Warcraft

For members and allies of the Shrouded Dawn in World of Warcraft. Dedicated to protecting Azeroth from its enemies and itself.
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As those of you who were able to attend the meeting in Fallen Earth already know, Trixana/Kemena/Rose Kershaw and I are retiring from MMOs for the foreseeable future.

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Invicta Shootout: Week 4


Hey everyone! As stated in this thread here, I am trying to gather people from all of Invicta who would enjoy a little break from MMOs from time to time to come play a FPS or two. Anyone is welcome and if you are interested, please reply to the link listed above.



The Further and Ongoing Mischief-making of Voltuk, the Semi-Invincible


((For those not familiar,  Voltuk is the imp for my warlock character, Banagan.  Voltuk has had a couple of little side adventures and I thought some people would like to see the most recent.  I may get around to reposting the old Voltuk stories if there's an interest.))


World of Warcraft stuff


I'm going to start cross-posting some of my WoW blogs between here and RP-haven.  I realize that most people here don't play WoW anymore, but I'm start trying to use this place more for Shrouded Dawn stuff.  Maybe I'll actually find the time/energy to start building things up again.  :)

Please ignore the mess as I start moving my stuff in.  ;)

The Job, a wrap-up



The sky was dark, well past the twilight hour, but in Duskwood that was not unusual.  It usually was dark on the shadowed roads leading to through the territory.  One could always see eyes gleaming from the bushes beside the roads, rustling could be heard as the beasts startled and ran from whatever they saw.

The Job: chapter 2



A job, a request


Braghaman pulled the reins, stopping his charger just short of the great archway that led to Stormwind.  He could see gryphons flying overhead,  bringing people in and taking them away.  He knew it would have been a quicker trip had he flown,  but the time didn't bother him.  A leisurely ride from the Blasted Lands was the sort of thing he needed.

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A group for members and allies of the Shrouded Dawn from World of Warcraft.
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