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Invicta Shootout: Week 4


Hey everyone! As stated in this thread here, I am trying to gather people from all of Invicta who would enjoy a little break from MMOs from time to time to come play a FPS or two. Anyone is welcome and if you are interested, please reply to the link listed above.


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Free items in the C-Store

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From the STO forums:

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Season One:Common Ground

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We got our first big update today.Lots of good stuff here.Free respecs,new bridges,off duty uniforms,more emotes,ect,ect.


Release Notes - March 24, 2010


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Invicta Fleet Concepts

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Alright, so I don't know much about how guilds work in STO, but I figured we'd toss about some ideas for how we're going to approach things.

Now, I'll admit, I'm not sold on STO, though I'll likely at least play some the first month after it goes live.  I know Kyzafi's got an intense interest in it, so if we go beyond just messing around, that'll have to be up to him.  But I figured we could at least brainstorm a basic concept for the guild/fleet.

Right now, I'm thinking 'Invicta Fleet', one of the Fleets of the Federation, lead by an Admiral (me, at least at first), seconded by a Vice Admiral (Kyzafi, assuming he's game), supported by Commodores and, of course, the regular members would be Captains (since the game forces everyone to have their own starships, at least at first).

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A group for Invicta members playing or interested in Star Trek Online
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