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The Secret World

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A group for Invicta members playing the Secret World.

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Harrassment by former member Bellh

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Please be aware that I removed Bellh from the Invicta Security Company this morning for publicly harassing another member of Invicta, refusing to stop when asked to by an officer and issuing threats. I tried to handle it as respectfully as I could, but they've elected to start harassing other members of Invicta on alts (Lil-Cherry, another alt is Sillea). If you are harassed by this person, please be as respectful as possible, take screenshots of the conversation and email them to me at . I'm hoping they it go soon, but if they don't, I'd like as much evidence to pass on to FunCom as possible.
Thanks, gang. And sorry for any problems... my initial instinct was that she might be a problem, but I'm a softy at heart and try to give everyone who wants to join a chance to become a part of the family.


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A group for Invicta members playing the Secret World.
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