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The Secret World

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A group for Invicta members playing the Secret World.

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Sorry I haven't been online, with school and trying to get my internet to work. You see the picture.

In Search Of Hidden Truths

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((Just a taste of Gordafrid's life. Enjoy!))

Gordafarid took in the scents of the air as she allowed her guide to lead her through the Hall, her senses straining to map her surroundings as best she could. Old wood, dried flowers, the scent of dust and cleaning supplies, polished stone. Scents were as much a landmark for her as sound and touch were. Granted, most times she didn’t really miss sight – it was difficult to miss something one never knew – but it was times like this that being able to see new obstacles in her path would be rather useful. “There are steps here, Miss Gazhdaham,” the light baritone at her side murmured, only stumbling slightly over her name. She suppressed a twinge of guilt that she was unchaperoned with a man not of her family, but she reminded herself firmly for the seventh time that day that this was England, and not her home.

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Invicta Security Company Full Meeting

FROM: Chief Executive Officer Anderson Ptolemi Gerard, Colonel, USMC (Retired)
TO: All ISC Personnel
SUBJ: ISC Full Meeting
Please be aware we will be holding a Full Meeting for all personnel at the al-Merayah ((Scorched Desert)) offices. Attendance is manditory unless you are currently involved in ISC operations.

  1. Welcome to new personnel
  2. Command Structure
  3. Personnel Changes
  4. Openings
  5. Current Operations
  6. Open Discussion/Questions


Wednesday, February 4, 2015 - 8:00pm to 9:00pm
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TSW Invicta on Twitter!

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One of the more interesting aspects of TSW is the Secret World Twitterverse Experiment. Basically, the idea is that FunCom has set up several twitter accounts that they periodically post to and more than a few roleplayers in TSW have jumped on board to post 'In Character' tweets there. I've jumped on board with this and heartily encourage you to do the same! Post here with your character's Twitter account!
Invicta OOC Twitter Account: @OrdoInvicta
Nicodemus "Noctiferius" Caine: @Dr_N_Caine
Anderson "Ptolemi" Gerard: @APGerard
Reaper "DahReapah" Malveau: @ReaperTSW

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TSW Channels for Invicta's Ventrilo Server

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I've set up several channels in Invicta's Ventrilo server for TSW. I'll be hopping on Vent when in-game, feel free to jump in when you'd like. It is by no means required, but can be very helpful, particularly when coordinating questing and Dungeons.
For instructions on how to download and use our Vent server, check out the topic here.

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TSW Chat Scripts for Invicta

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I've modified a script I found online to help auto-join you to the #invicta channel in-game so that you don't need to remember to do it each time you log in or zone. You can download the scripts here.

To install, just unpack the zip and move the files within to the Scripts folder in your Secret World directory (on my computer, that's C:\Program Files (x86)\Funcom\The Secret World\Scripts ). The two files within are text-based, so you can open and edit with any text editor (Notepad, Wordpad, etc.). I've included a lot of channels for RPers and radio stations in there, so if you're not interested in those, just go in and delete.


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Maria's story... a plotline for it

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After many hours of watching videos's to Queensryche's album, "Operation:Mindcrime", including lyrical ones, I think I've finally interpretted how I will relay this story in the game TSW. I'm posting this OOC for you all to see, but remember what you read here is IC, and should not be released under any circumstances. Each part will be slowly released over time. Thank you.
Layout of Maria’s story… step by step
1) Maria becomes enraged over things she has seen on television. She proclaims a wanting to start a revolution. (Done)

Illuminati Non-Mandatory Social

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Illuminati Non-Mandatory Social

Illuminati characters may find a new passport in their belongings. Or maybe they get it as an attachment to an email full of disturbing-yet-funny cat pictures from the Pyramidon. Maybe Kristin Geary just hands it to you and says "Fun fact - this just happened."

You are required to attend a non-mandatory social gathering.

The Labyrinth.
31-January, 4 P.M. Brooklyn time (US EST)

Consider this a continuation of your official interview.

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Links to info about Ria, and her storyline.

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Figured I would post links to my stuff on TSWRP here. The following is IC info, but I thought I let you all see it OOC, to see what I've been doing, so far.



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A group for Invicta members playing the Secret World.
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