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The Old Republic

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Group for players of Star Wars: The Old Republic, both Imperial and Republic players.

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Mandalorian Military Ranks

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Knight Jonos

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Glasses clink and the girls chatted over the whiskey. After the path was set, they got to relaxing and moved to the main room. The red haired girl seemed dwarfed in size next to the muscle bound blond, but that didn't stop her brat like behavior. Who would blame her? She was practically blackmailed into being a pilot, mechanic, medic, and thief for her. Many glasses were drained, mainly by the red head. Seven glasses passed. "Y'know wot I like 'bout ye sithie?" She looked over. "Wot?" A grin cracked her lips. "Nuffin'." She busted up laughing but soon after, she fell asleep. The blonde gal sighed in relief and waited a moment before checking if she was asleep.


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Better Ships & Gardens (All about Izao)

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One: How to Use a Lightsaber for Pruning

It was quiet aboard the ship—which was a rental, and bore no name worth mentioning. Izao’s last ship was destroyed some months prior, its name best forgotten. Technically she was still running, but the firethorn trees still needed tending if they were to retain their value.

She had started with nine, having purchased them for a pittance from a pirate who didn’t know what he had plundered. One sold immediately to a noble on Alderaan, the ridiculous sum it fetched was enough to live comfortably for quite a long time.

It didn’t take many credits for Izao to live comfortably, but expenses added up, particularly when bribes and payoffs were often necessary. Now the money was almost gone, and traveling alone was apparently no longer a viable option. It would soon be time to part with another tree, if only to give her comfortable breathing room until she could find a crew to join.

Going to the Dark Side?

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I don't know how to get the video to appear as in other posts.

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Anyhow...tee hee Laughing


Bloodstained Tales

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Talyc just left Tattooine after meeting some jawa princess that is apparently part of the clan. He thought to himself the foul-mouthed disrespectful pirate knows nothing about clan and family, yet she feels she has the right to open her mouth and let the filth come pouring out because she has known Ost'ika for some time. Her empty and idle threats like some Aruetii di'kut that thinks she is entitled to some sort of respect and doesn't have to earn it. She claims to be here to learn to fight, and to seek shelter while the heat is on her skipper and her crew. Why would I respect and care about someone who treats clan like some sort of resort. This is a way of life, not for the half hearted to dabble in when they want. Ost'ika better not assign me to train her.

A family that hunts together, stays together

A short event thrown together by one of the mandalorian clans within the alliance of three banners. A night of adventure RP starting on Tatooine at Outpost Zaroshe in the Dune Sea. There the clans will rally together to track and hunt the demon of the dunes known as Trapjaw. All mandalorian roleplayers welcome to attend the hunt, even if you are not a member of clan kilgar. This will be our first official event as a united mandalorian roleplayers group, within the ebon hawke roleplay community.


Where: Tatooine, Outpost Zaroshe

Ehn Alii'gai Tsad (The Alliance of Three Banners)

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Ostilio stood in an old abandoned hanger on the fleet with two like minded individuals before him. Both female warriors, clad in thick beskar plating, one to his left and one to his right. Their meeting was in secret and of great importance, the discussion of an alliance of clans brought the three mandalorian chieftens together. Sure all mandalorians were united under the will of Mand'alor...and more so the Resol'nare or six acts that bound them together... but not all clans worked together, the reputation of the mandalorians only recently recovered from the mandalorian wars. Not their eventual defeat, but their fall from honor. Forsaking the old ways of their ancestors and becoming butchers, and thieves. Many clans were still stuck in the ways of the neo-crusaders, forsaking honor to pillage, loot, and kill all in their path, clans that thirsted for another galactic crusade.


Official Clan Roster

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Below is a list of current clan members organized by rank. You can expect the list to be updated frequently, as things change in the clan.

NOTE: Clan ranks are more personal achievements than a means of authority.


A'lor (Chief) - Ostilio Kilgar

Alor'ad (Commander) - Telessa

Rallymaster (Sergeant) - Drehpehs

Honored Blood (Honorary Member) - Poison

Veteren - Talyc

Veteren - Rarro

Veteren - Arsen

Veteren - Lyn'rya

Grunt - Miel

Greenhorn - Barnardine

The Million Credit Scavenger's Classic

Name of Event: The Milion Credit Scavenger's Classic

What is it: An in-game scavenger hunt event

Prizes: 1st place: 1,000,000 credits; 2nd place: 500,000 credits; 3rd place: 250,000 credits.


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A group for Invicta members playing or interested Star Wars: The Old Republic
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