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The Old Republic

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Group for players of Star Wars: The Old Republic, both Imperial and Republic players.

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Trixie’s Guide to Flagships

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Let’s Build a Spaceship

I’m going to skip past all the minutia and get right to the important stuff. I know you guys want to expand the flagship, so that’s what I’m going to focus on.
Firstly, priorities. We’re going to focus on expanding the decks in this order.

1: Crew Deck
2: Command Deck
3: Hanger Deck
4: Engineering Deck

Being that each deck requires different tokens, and that we have a priority, please don’t buy the tokens yourself. If you get the wrong one, then you’ve just wasted a lot of effort on your part. Please let me or the other officers do the actual buying, or at least consult with one before you purchase plans, just to make sure you get what we need.

Now, for the expanding process, we can expand in 2 ways…

1: Conquests
2: Crafting

Option 1: Expansion via Conquests.

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PI: IC Guild Meeting

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When: Wed, August 20th. 9 PM CST
Where: ISS Invicta

An IC guild meeting will be held on the bridge of the ISS Invicta. The meeting will also have an OOC portion.
ICly, we'll be discussing the aftermath of the Battle of Balmorra, as well as what the future holds for the organisation.
We'll be discussing Invict's fleet, as well as new headquarters.
We'll also be announcing, ICly, the formation of the Imperial Branch, and introducing the officer in charge.

OOCly, we'll be discussing plans for future storylines, ship expansion, a general state of the guild, and have a feedback section, where everyone is encouraged to voice their opinions about what we're doing well and what we could do better.
i'm looking forward to a strong turn out, as this meeting effects everyone.

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Invicta’s Wall of Merit

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Invicta’s Wall of Merit is a list of those whom have distinguished themselves in service to the project. Whether on the field of battle or off, the wall of merit is a listing of the greatest of the great.

Honourees to the Wall of Merit receive one of the following medals.

The Medal of Fire: Awarded for exceptional aggression and skill on the field of battle. The Medal of Fire is awarded to those who show great skill at taking the fire in their souls, and channelling it at our enemies.

Project Invica's Dice Rules

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Basic PVE dice rules:
For some guild events we incorporate a dice rolling system. The idea/hope for the dice rolling system is not to take over the event- but to take out some of the damage taken out of the players hand.
It basically works like this-
-Every player has 10 hit points for armor, and 20 hit point to health. So in all a total of 30 hit points (if this number is changed it will be explained prior)
-Every player will have 1 save.
-We come up to a npc spawn, and kill them and everyone rolls a d20... ( its /roll d20 or /ran d20 in game) I should clarify that none of the rolling is for 'if' you hit or kill the npc's. They are killed, your rolling is strictly for your own damage and how much you take.

15-16 = 1 point of damage
17= 2 points of damage
18= 3 points of damage
19 = 4 points of damage
20 = 5 points of damage

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Battle of Balmorra: pt II: Crossroads

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 9:00pm
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The Battle of Balmorra

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(art by Drikkah)

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Operation Purity: End Game

Operation Purity: End Game
To: All Studies and Observations Group Personnel
From: Captain Ziah’Synex CEDF:SOG Commanding
Subject: Operation Purity

Sunday, March 23, 2014 - 9:00pm
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Storyline RP Forming

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Of those who are unaware, I have been forming an open storyline RP, based off my Pureblood, Lord Holgerjay. The main plot is good old fashoned Sith infighting. A lord outside of the Project before anyone starts pointing any fingers. His name is Lord Hesskar, though by the end of this Saga, he will wind up dead but one lucky person gets to play him, if interested toss me a pst in game while I am on or send me an email at the link below, seeing as the PM system here is out of whack. Now, we also need a few of you fine folks who want to be the baddies, seeing as Lord Hesskar has his own powerbase, and needs a few underlings. Npcs at their finest. Important positions to be filled are listed below:



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