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The Old Republic

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Group for players of Star Wars: The Old Republic, both Imperial and Republic players.

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Allies and Other RP Guilds And RP Server's

So.. my first post here in Invicta...    Some of you people may know me as Fistar in AOC  the leader of the Black Daggers.

Anyways.. A few questions came up with other friends that I have that are in other RP guilds that are going to SWTOR.  

I know that BIOWARE are pushing out guilds ahead of time onto servers and I was wondering how the RP guilds would end up on the same server,   A friend told me that if they are allied guilds or enemy guilds..  that they should align that on the TOR website. 

If that is the Case.. I would like to put the Gray Order  (leader Agrinja)  as an Ally if it's possible.

I have some friends that are in that guild and it would be nice to hook up with them occasionally, for RP or whatever..  :)



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My Beta Weekend - Questions

Okay everyone, had a blast this weekend.  Oriquas and I played on the Ziost server.  Friday, leveled two Jedi, Saturday created a smuggler and loved her!  This game rocks, so my questions.....

1) Alot of you are European, will you be playing on a Euro server, or a US one?

2) I was told Invicta would be a Republic Smuggling Operation, will we have room for Jedi in the RP?

3) Eh, had a few more but cant think of them :)

Note on me:  I doubt I will be playing much more AoC, I enjoy the feel of this game much more and see myself lost in things with it.

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"Regrets" - Post for fun.

I was not sure where to post this, but enjoy everyone.


Some great information for your enjoyment!

Since Touren gave me the OK to do so, I thought I would provide you all with a great source of information on SWTOR and where the game is currently at. This site is called alterswtor, and it is a beta leak website. Anything you see here should remain behind the safety of the TOR discussion boards where only those in the guild can post, and even then only those who have expressed an interest in TOR.


Because the beta is currently down while the new build is prepared, it might be a tad bit barren right now. Normally there are tons of videos to watch.

Beware of storyline spoilers however! They are abound, especially on the class forums!

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Interested in trying collaborative storytelling?

So I'm thinking about combining ideas like the Universalis collaborative storytelling system to help with an ongoing public event series not unlike what Gaiscioch did in Rift.

The essential idea is to lay down the foundation of a story starting point with other reps of participating alliance guilds.  Use the collaborative storytelling rules to have them add tenants, facts and complications.  We set some possible outcomes, conduct an in game event to help determine the outcome, play it out and setup the next stage of the story similar to the earlier process.  We keep going and evolve a story everyone can participate in and enjoy over time.  

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Ok, How Did You Guys Get Here?

Ok, this forum doesn't show up in my drop down list. I backdoored my way here by accident. How else can you get here?


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