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The Old Republic

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Group for players of Star Wars: The Old Republic, both Imperial and Republic players.

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((This event will be a chase after Nairiee, following her trace through various location until we find her. ))

Flashpoints For Action-seeking Republic - Tonight 7:45pm central (8:45pm eastern)

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I know this is short notice, and I apologize to those wishing longer time to think about this. I am, however,  proposing a Friday eve (June 1st) Flashpoint Event with a gathering time of 7:45pm central (8:45pm eastern). I shall be procuring a spot on the steps near the Fleet Cantina at that time. Depending on who shows, and how many, we will do either one of level 35ish or one of level 50ish, or not either level and some other(s).

Flashpoints are 4-person team based, generally consisting of 1 Tank, 2DPS, 1 Healer. They generally take about 45 to 90 minutes to run, and some are set in sequences meaning you finish one part to open another. Running 1 part per event is plenty IMO.

I like guild-based teams because people tend to be more relaxed and the pace allows for individuals to impromptu RP and crafters to gather mats from mobs and environment, to name a few advantages.

Tunnel Rat (9 EST, Sunday the 20th)

***Top priority Transmission to all employees of the Invicta Trade Company, level 5 Alert***

System Security = Detect Foreign Software attempting to access personel files.

System Security = Attempting to block attack.

System Security = Failure.

System Security = Fatal Error. Download and removal of classified information regarding company employees imminent. Attempting emergency shutdown.

System Security = Failure.


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The Rogue's Road

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((a Little background story for my TOR Smuggler Car'tulak, with an appearance from my Agent Jaakra))

Help Wanted Ad ((Imperial side))

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Casual help wanted: Seeking adventure? Want to explore the galaxy?

People are required for assistance with expeditions and general business aquisitions. Seeking qualified sentients with experience in protection and defensive combat. Also required are sentients who may not be fighters, but who have skills in leadership, pathfinding, accounting or other applicable business skills.

Work may take place in dangerous and hazardous environments. May require lifting over 50 lbs. 

Successful applicants will be well compensated financially for their work. Individuals of all species, genders and nationalities are invited to apply. Equal opportunity employer. To apply, contact Ratlash @ holocomm frequency **555-TREASURE-HUNT**

Sith RP Interest?

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 Hey there,

 Some of you might remember me from AoC and the Blades,but its been a while. First off I am really very happy and excited to be part of Invicta in TOR. I always enjoyed the RP from AoC and hoping to have the same amount of fun in TOR. This brings me to my question. I was curious if any of you on the Imperial side had any Dark Side/Sith RP going and were looking for an apprentice or minion for your Dark Lord?

 I currently have two characters that I would love to get into some kind of RP like that. One is a Sith Pureblood Marauder named Viorar, currently he is level 13, and then I have Sirius a level 32 Juggernaut. Violaris a blank slate and could be molded into anything that would fit someone's needs.

 Sirius however has a very detailed back story that began with him not being Force Sensitive and through Sith Alchemy he was transformed into a raw conduit for the Darkside. 

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The Great Invicta Roster Cleanup!

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As the command staff works to revamp things both in ITC and PI, we're planning to be a bit more strict on the in-game guild rosters for both guilds.  Please take a few moments to review the Invicta general guidelines with a particular focus on the section on participation guidelines.  Because we haven't been really mucking with this much recently, we're giving folks a week (until Monday, April 23rd) to refamiliarize themselves with things.  With that in mind:

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Leave Notification Thread

This is the thread were current members who are expecting to be out of game for more than 15 days should post that information so they don't lose their position or rank in the guild.  If you're going to be gone less than 15 days, there's no need to post (though if you want to let folks know you'll be gone a bit, feel free).  Any member of ITC or PI that hasn't logged in in over 15 days (including alts!) without posting notification here will be demoted to the rank of full member.  Any ITC or PI member that hasn't logged in in over 30 days without posting a notification here will be removed from the guild, though they can be re-invited later at full member rank at any time.

Jentele's Jargon


 By Jentele


What is happening here?

 Feel like a drifter, I fear

 No home to place my hat

 No room this purrdee cat-

 Strung out across galaxy

 Struggling for sweet security


 Dream on, oh dream come true

 Tehrani, I’m hoping with you;

 Tol, you’ve been good friend

 Always sneaking to scare again!


 I treasure the hunt and find

 Debbie is sweet, like-mind;

 We scavage the cubes about

 Discover, then hoot and shout!


Trixie! once fiercer we call Red

 Works tirelessly, once out of bed

 (I am careful now where I tread

 If she come back as Red I’m dead!)


 I know Garra will surely say

 We’re just starting out, okay

 I will content as drifter awhile

 Greet stranger-friend with smile

 Grow the many from our few

Great Datacron Treasure Hunt

Old Mantell & Tython



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A group for Invicta members playing or interested Star Wars: The Old Republic
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