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Fallen Earth

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The Invicta Outlaw Motorcycle Club: dedicated to kicking ass and having fun in the flickering twilight of civilization.

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Greeting to All

    Hello all and any here who still ride the Province,this is Nerlessia from AoC.I'm here on Fallen Earth with a new char Nerlani   she's not as openly 'naughty' as Nerle but she is a a child of her People Si'ksia or as most know them Blackfoot ,a ' Manly Heart   'to some extent (Female Warrior Native american Style ),although she is more aligned as a Healer..Obviiously she's a looongg way from 'home'

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As those of you who were able to attend the meeting in Fallen Earth already know, Trixana/Kemena/Rose Kershaw and I are retiring from MMOs for the foreseeable future.

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OOC tidbit, Where's Wichi?

It was late when we RP'd this out, but Wichi had a mental breakdown in front of the Badgers last night, and was placed in one of thier holding cells. She was not arrested, but placed there as a precautionary measure.

I'm letting everyone know this, in case you're OOC curious of her whereabouts. This is OOC info, and unless you were there, IC, you do not know where she is.  Thanks.

This will mean IC I will not be able to make the meeting, but if you want to relay OOC stuff to me in clan channel, I'm ok with that. Just sticking true to character. If locked up, can't be at a meeting, hehe.

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Invicta MC: Grand Canyon Province General Meeting

I will be holding an important meeting this Sunday afternoon at 4pm Eastern at Beauville's Tavern in New Flagstaff.  All members of Invicta in Fallen Earth who can possibly attend, please plan on attending.

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Invicta Bike Rally Thursday needs a DJ

With Henerkin on the casualty list and me going out of town tomorrow for a conference, we're tapped for our regular DJs for Rally night.  I know several of you have radio stations you play music on, so I figured I'd throw out a forum post asking for volunteers to play music and/or host Thursday.  So who's game?

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Possible RP in FE.. WIP

I've created a post topic on FERP's of an RP I'm starting. This one I'm sticking to, and following through with it, unlike others in the past.

Here's the link.... http://fallenearth.rp-haven.com/forum/wichita/paranoia-possible-rp-event-wip

For those non-members of FERP, post a reply, and I will give a short summary of things.

Also, I need to talk to either the leaders, or officers about one small detail in this story. Need thier biased opinions before I go though with any part of that aspect.

I'm looking to do my part to keep RP lively in FE, without Wichi's normal, obnoxious drama. I think this story I created just may be the ticket.

Comments are welcome here.


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Been Debating this for a while....

Ok folks,

I'm feeling kinda stuck on Zane from an RP stand point, and not sure where I'm going to take him.  So on that note I'm going to take him walkabout... call it an IC version of the Auzzie tradition.

I need to find where Zane is going, so for the time being I will be taking him out of Invicta.  Icly he leaves his patch and the following note address to Reaper and Rose at the club house.

"I thank you all for everything that you have given me. But for now, I've lost something.  I don't know what that is but I'm going to try to find it.  I may be back if you'll have me.  I may not.  All my hopes.



No assumptions or freak outs please this is purely based on my own feelings and loss of direction with the character, trying to mix things up.  Rykers will stay in Invicta if that is good with all of you, and will be around.




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Cry Havoc!


((transcription of a speech given by Reaper, President of the Invicta Motorcycle Club: Grand Canyon Province, on May 5th))

Brothers and Sisters, we are at war.

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Diary of Wichita

(( Here's a link to something small I started on FERPs. Thought I would share it here, also.))


meet Frank


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