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Elder Scrolls Online

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A group for members and friends of the Invicta Mercenary Company in Elder Scrolls Online.

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Notes from the First Full Company Meeting, Middas, 26th day of Sun's Height, 2E 585

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((better late than never, eh?

Written in a flowing, but slightly Nordic handwriting, except for the signature, which is obviously in a rougher script))

Notes from the First Full Company Meeting
26th Day of Sun's Height
2E 585

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Invicta's ESO Forums!

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Right now, Invicta's ESO forums aren't very deep, mainly because I didn't want to throw a lot of empty forums at you before we grew.  Now that we're growing more rapidly, I'd like to change that!

So!  What forums would you like to see for ESO?  Post your replies here!

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Invicta Development Strategy in ESO

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What follows is a basic outline of where I see things going with the guild as we continue to expand.  The intent here is to keep the structure of the guild only as complex as necessary, while allowing for a variety of ranks and positions to expand as the guild expands.  This development strategy is (mostly) OOC!  If you ask Aurelius ICly about where he plans to take things, he's got this as a vague idea in his head, but doesn't have things written out like this.  Its also important to note that this outline can and will change as necessary... if we just don't have that many non-combatants, for example, the Logistics side of things may stay relatively small while we expand the military side of things.  If we have someone who is more of an ambassadorial character join the guild, we might open the Ambassadorial Division early and so on.

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Asger breaks in

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'Cause I can: 




Dye colours for armour

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Due in early August, currently on the PTS.

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My deal in ESO

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Alright, so here's the thing... I miss the hell out of you guys and want to play ESO with you, so I've set up a guild Daggerfall-side and will be inviting you in as I see you. I plan to start doing a little light RP in the guild next week.
My time, however, is still pretty limited. I'm still running a 40+ player LARP every other Saturday and it takes a ton of prep, so the week that the LARP is happening, my free time for MMOs is pretty slim. The week its _not_ happening, I should be on much more. This will likely last through November or so, then I'll have a break until March again (unless we decide to end it with Chronicle 2, which is very, very possible).
I just wanted y'all to know where I was at and why my time online might be limited a bit. Still looking forward to hanging with y'all and enjoying ESO!

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