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Clan Kilgar

Clan Kilgar!

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Clan Kilgar - A new chapter, Returning to your roots

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Clan Kilgar




A family that hunts together, stays together

A short event thrown together by one of the mandalorian clans within the alliance of three banners. A night of adventure RP starting on Tatooine at Outpost Zaroshe in the Dune Sea. There the clans will rally together to track and hunt the demon of the dunes known as Trapjaw. All mandalorian roleplayers welcome to attend the hunt, even if you are not a member of clan kilgar. This will be our first official event as a united mandalorian roleplayers group, within the ebon hawke roleplay community.


Where: Tatooine, Outpost Zaroshe

Ehn Alii'gai Tsad (The Alliance of Three Banners)

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Ostilio stood in an old abandoned hanger on the fleet with two like minded individuals before him. Both female warriors, clad in thick beskar plating, one to his left and one to his right. Their meeting was in secret and of great importance, the discussion of an alliance of clans brought the three mandalorian chieftens together. Sure all mandalorians were united under the will of Mand'alor...and more so the Resol'nare or six acts that bound them together... but not all clans worked together, the reputation of the mandalorians only recently recovered from the mandalorian wars. Not their eventual defeat, but their fall from honor. Forsaking the old ways of their ancestors and becoming butchers, and thieves. Many clans were still stuck in the ways of the neo-crusaders, forsaking honor to pillage, loot, and kill all in their path, clans that thirsted for another galactic crusade.


Official Clan Roster

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Below is a list of current clan members organized by rank. You can expect the list to be updated frequently, as things change in the clan.

NOTE: Clan ranks are more personal achievements than a means of authority.


A'lor (Chief) - Ostilio Kilgar

Alor'ad (Commander) - Telessa

Rallymaster (Sergeant) - Drehpehs

Honored Blood (Honorary Member) - Poison

Veteren - Talyc

Veteren - Rarro

Veteren - Arsen

Veteren - Lyn'rya

Grunt - Miel

Greenhorn - Barnardine

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A private group for Clan Kilgar
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Override default roles and permissions

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