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Age of Conan

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A group for members of Ordo Invicta on the Wicanna server of Age of Conan. Any members, former or present, are welcome to join.

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Tesso over.

Hey folks dont know if any of yall care much anymore but to those who do play AoC still for now we will no longer be holding Tesso night due to continued increase in griefing by Empire of Stygia. As much as I like Tesso night its just not worth the stress and drama to me anymore if you still wish to meet there feel free as of now I am trying to think of a place that we can meet that will keep griefers out, or allow us to have them banned for griefing. Have a nice day.

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We have arrived

Zevyn and I have arrived in Switzerland and the interwebs seems to work. We're still going to be busy for the next few weeks getting settled down, but we're glad we made it over in once piece.

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Raid Loot Rules V2 and Raiding

I started leading raids a few weeks back and never got around to post an updated version of the loot rules. Our focus is to keep them as simple as possible. In addition, the Invicta leadership decided not to have a relic reel/relic list anymore.


Invicta Raid Loot Rules V2

  • Roll greed on all green or blue (non gear) drops (Tradeskill items).
  • If a green or blue item is an upgrade for you (gear), please roll need.
  • All the relics will be rolled out, please pass on relics if you already received gear in the current instance.
  • Should any shards drop, the 1st will be master looted to Invicta, the 2nd one will be rolled out, the 3rd one goes to Invicta, etc.
  • Any recipe dropped by Chatha in W2 will be master looted to Invicta.


Raiding in General

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6man Instances

We didn't have a lot of interest last Monday night, so I will try another date/time, hopefully more guildies will be in the mood then Cool

I'd like to run some 6mans on Sunday, December 18th 2011, 4PM EST.

We can run a longer instance (Khitai or old world) or a few shorter ones (Palace, Pagoda, Yag, etc.) depending on what everyone is in the mood for.


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Khitai 6man

I'd like to run some 6mans on Monday night, December 12th, starting around 10PM EST.

SInce we did old world dungeons the last couple times, I'd like to try doing some Khitai hardmodes, if possible. We can start with Palace and then maybe try something else, like RoF or even Yag. I have done Yag loops and we would probably be able to do those just fine.

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BRC Wing 2

We will be running a Wing 2 on Saturday, December 17th 2011.


Please be in game at 8:30PM EST so we can start killing trash by 9:00PM EST.

Sign-Ups are enabled and it would be great if we had 2 of each class. If you want to bring a third of the same class, the first two of that class signed up need to be okay with it.

Please post into comments which class/character you will bring and/or if you are signing up as tentative or confirmed.


Goodbye SWG!

Saying goodbye to my first serious MMO, the first game where I roleplayed and took a heavy interest in PvP. Post your screenies from your best SWG experiances!

Above all other experiances in SWG, my best were with the Rebel RP/PvP guild: Arbiters of War (Fixer) With them I shared my best PvP experiances, and crazy MMO experiances as I hope with the new coming of ToR I can say that again, only about this guild Smile So here we are, my crazy screenshots and vids from the most memorable captured moments in swg.

Goofing off
Kalran and our guild leader Sevenia/Seraphine on her imperial alt(Hailfire)










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Helpful Link for AA Date & Time Calculations

In light of the towncrier being on strike ;) I was looking for an easy way to calculate the AA timers manually. This without having to do all the work by myself. I found this useful link here:


You can simply click "Today" for the date and "now" for the time, then add a number of hours and get the exact date when it will be done.

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The dog ate my mail and the mailman too.

Contact Aoc in game within 24 hours of loss if you have a missing mail attachment issue.  This is what I got back from AoC:



[Lightcypher|Game Master]: Greetings xxxxx! This is GM Lightcypher. Do you have a moment to speak about your petition? You may reply by using /tell Lightcypher or by clicking my name in the chat window. Before replying, please move to a safe location away from MOBs or other players (if you are in a PvP enabled area) as GMs cannot guarantee your safety.

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Xfire AoC contest thingiemabob

In case anybody wants a "barbarian" looking cloak or never got a drinking cape to get free booze (or both). There is a contest going on via Xfire where every entrant will get a Cape of Bottomless Thirst.

All you have to do is to download and register with Xfire here.

After that, use this link here: http://www.xfire.com/communities/aocp2w/ 

This will have you join the contest, the prizes are nice too it seems but like mentioned, every registrant will get the Cape no matter what. Like a day or two after registering you should get a code you can redeem over the AoC account page.


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