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SOG (Chiss Culture RP Group) Story and Guidelines

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SOG (Chiss Culture RP Group) Story and Guidelines

There’s been a bit of confusion in the Chiss Group lately.  As such, after speaking with a few people, I believe a few things need clarification.  Various members of the group aren’t sure as to the direction and operations of how the group works, or even the membership.  As such, I’m going to add a bit more definition to it, in order to make things flow a bit easier.

As the SOG is a hyper focused group, I’m going to set a few ground rules, as not to dilute the setting for the whole group.

ICly, The SOG (Studies and Observations Group) was established, by the Chiss Expeditionary Defence Force, to assist the Empire in their war against the republic, as well as promote and protect the interests of the Ascendancy in alien space.

As such, the group, while falling under PI’s command, is a CEDF military unit.  As such, members of the group fall under the command of the CEDF.  There are exceptions to this, but there are established reasons for those exceptions. 

OOCly, The SOG is a group for players, that wish to explore Chiss culture and partake in plots and stories that don’t work under the traditional Imperial setting.

In order to preserve this setting for the group, I’m setting the following ground rules:

1: You don’t have to have any experience playing Chiss, and don’t really need to know anything, but your character must be both from, and loyal to, the ascendancy.  It’s preferable if your character is an agent, soldier, or officer of the CEDF, but there’s room for flexibility there, with a plausible story.  It is a Chiss culture RP group, however, so it stands to reason that the characters would be Chiss. 

Yes, there are some members currently in that this does not apply to; however, they’re there for very specific reasons.


2: In order to be in the group, you have to interview with Synex ICly.  Please don’t just show up to meetings.  The reasons for this, is that we’re getting deep into a story, ATM, and the IC interview will help bring your character to speed.  If your character just shows up, they won’t know what’s going on, no one will know them, and they won’t get assigned missions.

Missions with the group are run a certain way, which requires me to know who your characters are.  If there’s a strange face in the crowd, I don’t know what to do with them.  That being said, if your character wants to just show up and observe OOCly, that’s not only acceptable, but highly encouraged.  Just make sure you let us know that you’re there OOCly.

The interview also gives us a chance to identify and work around any potential problems your character would have of fitting into the group.  The sooner we can get those addressed, the sooner we can get your character into the mix of things.

Also, if you wish to join the group, and need to be interviewed by Synex, please send me a tell on any of my characters, as I tend to lose track of who wants in the group and who needs what.


3: Missions.  There’s been a bit of miscommunication on team missions, so here’s how it works.

Players are set into teams, in order to preform assigned tasks.  The players then decide how they want to preform those tasks.  They can either RP it out in game, in which I’ll come run the story for them or they can write something up and send it to me via PM.

In the case of PMs, players write to me, tell me what they do, and I write back to them telling them what they find.  It works as forum based RP.  Your characters, are of course, free to perform any action they wish.  I do ask, however, that you please do not improvise what information you find, as it my contrast sharply with what I have other groups find.


I’m a firm believer in allowing players to have the freedom to evolve their characters, and allow them to play their characters however they want.  This being such a focused group, however, the setting needs to be taken into account.  I’ve tried to keep the rules as few and as flexible as possible, so three fairly easy rules should do the trick.

If anyone has any questions or feedback, please feel free to post them here.



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Whoo!  This is awesome,

Whoo!  This is awesome, Trix!

For some background, Steelo is a Professor of Xenobiology. He was a part of the Xenobiologist's Society at the University of Csaplar for almost twenty years before being called upon, along with others of the same group,  by the Expeditionary Force Medical Corps to gather information on the varying species of the wider galaxy, ostensibly for the pure knowledge portion of it, which goes to the Expeditionary Library, but secretly also to the Expeditionary Defense Force itself in the form of threat assessment reports on various species.

I haven't given him a formal military rank, as he is technically a civilian doctor on loan to the CEDF, but if Synex wants to re-interview him and comission him an officer, he'd accept it.

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