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Trix demanded I make a Cat Post :-P

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Trix demanded I make a Cat Post :-P

So about a week ago, Shalis and I adopted two cats from a local rescue society. They came as a pair and would not be adopted separately. Not that we minded because they are now our furry children :) Their names are Misha and Sparta. Those have been their names for their nearly two years of life, so we did not feel it right to change them now. Anyways, enough rambling and onto pictures!

Here is Misha, the girl. She is the smaller of the two and thinks of herself as the Queen of the household.

Here is Sparta, the boy.

We bought them a cat jungle gym and initially they loved the box more than the actual piece of furniture.

And here is one of their favorite activities... beating up each other. Misha always wins even though she is smaller.

Hope you all enjoy seeing our new fur children!

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My Dog Sully

My Dog Sully

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This is my baby.. Sugar.. My corgie mix Corgie <3

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