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Recommended Mods

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Recommended Mods

One of the strong points of TSW is the ability to add player-created mods to enhance functionality and playability in the game. I thought I'd list the key ones I've found good use out of. If there are any mods you're finding useful, please post 'em here!
TSWRP: This one is pretty essential if you plan to get involved in RP. While some folks have had problems getting it to work, a LOT of RPers have key information here that'll help you with interacting with their characters. Basically, it allows you to enter basic information like apparent age, nationality, a description and a bio (I tend to go a little light on the bio section, 'cause I prefer that information come out in RP). Really, really useful stuff here. If you're in Invicta MC, feel free to use this pic in your description once you're patched in: http://www.infernaldreams.com/invicta/invicta_jacket.png
Valyrie's Friends Enhanced: This one is _really_ useful for adding notes to people in your friends' list (among other enhancements). Since my characters are always observing those around them, its really useful for keeping track of what information is uncovered and how they introduce themselves (so you can keep track if, say, a "Catherine" introduces herself as "Kate").
Those are the two big ones. I've a few more I'm playing with, but can't recommend their utility quite yet. What sort of mods are you guys running?

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