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I'm Back!!! (sorta)

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I'm Back!!! (sorta)

After a bit of a long break from internet beside few wifi stops here or there. I have internet connection again. :)
That said I don't know how much play time I will be able to get just yet. We had to get Satellite internet and have a exceeding low Data Allowance of only 10 GB a month prime time right now. After Midnight my time it is unlimited so most of my play time will be then. I know stuff usually happens earlier and will try to make those events still.
That said if anyone wanted to do forum rp, or skype rp I would be up for that as I think that uses less data let me know. Machele19 is my skype name. Its good to be back and I hope in time I will be able to get in game more often.. thank you all.

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Welcome back

Welcome back

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Wibbles, Telekins! :D

Wibbles, Telekins! :D

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I remember the days of dial

I remember the days of dial-up internets... Phone company charged the eyes on your face for use during the day, but it was thaaaat much cheaper after midnight or on weekends xD

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