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Hola! /endlurking (OOC)

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Hola! /endlurking (OOC)

Hola All,
I hope all of you have been well these past few years since we have last seen each other. I have been well, thanks for asking. hehe

I was thinking of trying to get back in the game, as it were. I see we are active in ToR and ESO, which has more active players?

My inclination is to try something new (ESO) plus it looks like Zilda/Kem only plays ESO!! I hope you wouldn't mind me sitting around again!!


I still think of all of you as my extended gaming family. From SWG to Invicta you have always made me feel welcome, and I thank you for that.


Oh - Sanja I almost forgot - I still have a bag of eyeballs from AoC I have kept in the freezer all these years - still want them?

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Great to hear from you Shania

Great to hear from you Shania and yes it would be lovely to see you sitting around in ESO :) .

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Ello Shania!

Ello Shania!
We're puttering on in both games. I'm not sure what ESO's numbers are at, as I haven't played that game myself, but ToR's number have taken a hit, sadly, since ESO and Wildstar launched. We're down to anywhere from 4-8 players a night, which is a huge fluxuation, I know, but those that remain are very solid and active. Right now we're in the middle of a IN planetary invasion of Balmorra, and on nights when those events take place, we tend to pull extra folks in.
I imagine that ESO is roughly the same. Just give both a try, and land wherever you feel most comfortable.

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