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Happy Anniversary Invicta!!

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Happy Anniversary Invicta!!

On May 2nd, 2008, Invicta was born on a remote pirate island somewhere in Hyperborea.  Through Age of Conan, Fallen Earth, Star Wars: the Old Republic, the Secret World and other games we've stepped in more briefly, we've always left our mark on the local community.

The last nine years have been a glorious, twisty road of fun and fellowship.  I extend my heartfelt appreciation to each of you out there, whatever game you might be playing or where-ever life has taken you!

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INVICTA!!!!!  My nerd home

INVICTA!!!!!  My nerd home since 2008.  I have made some remarkable friendships here.  The amount of both joy and heartache that I've found here speaks volumes of the people who've made this community what it is.  I've seen it grow from a handful of misfits to a multigame community of friendship and mutual support.  It's also helped me grow in return.  I love you all.

...except Noc.  Screw that guy.





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Trixie: "Noc.  Screw that guy

Trixie: "Noc.  Screw that guy."

...just quoting this here before the edit so evidence of the offer remains.

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Age of Conan was my first

Age of Conan was my first mmorpg.Once I decided I was ready to join a guild I took a look at all the guilds and narrowed it down to 2,Invicta and the King's Guard.Invicta just struck me right away as possibly the better of the 2 but at the same time as a group you seemed to be more strict about the rp than I wanted(I know,I was wrong).Now I wouldnt trade my time in the KG for nothing but suffice to say if I had known then what I know now about Invicta I wouldnt have even looked at the KG website.

Invicta has really set the bar for me when I judge other guilds Ive joined.That bar is so high that no other guild has had a chance of passing.A couple have made really good efforts and come close but there is always something missing




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Happy Birthday! May it last

Happy Birthday! 
May it last forever!


Thanks Invicta for preventing me from hitting full cynical bastard mode towards humanity IRL since 2009, while I can play my full cynical bastard mode character in whatever fictional world we are in :)


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Invicta, Resident hired Privateer.

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*arranges a bunch of bodies

*arranges a bunch of bodies in a way that spells Happy Birthday Invicta*

I miss the days of Invicta in AOC. For some silly reason i have never been able to get into another MMO like i did AOC, and i've never found a guild that i enjoy as much as Invicta.

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Hoppy burpday invicta from

Hoppy burpday invicta from that sexy stygian an cheyenne dancing hottie 

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