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Closing up shop on ESO

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Closing up shop on ESO

In the end, ESO just didn't live up to what I'd hoped it to be (an online version of Skyrim), so I've canceled my subscription. As I think we've maybe two other people who log in with any regularity there, I don't plan to work out a transfer of leadership. I don't think I'm giving up on MMOs altogether, but haven't entirely settled elsewhere yet. Once I do, I'll make sure to get word out.
Sorry gang!

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That sucks.There is nothing

That sucks.There is nothing worse in the gaming world than having high hopes and big dreams for a game and then having it fall short and flat from what you expected,and I know you and quite a few others had these hopes for ESO.This is what I went through with STO so I understand where you are coming from.
I know you are burnt out on SWTOR but while you are in between games you should at least come check out the speeder races They will be fun and the only way they could be more fun is if you and Sabra/Tereska ccome join us for some lulz and flying dps hugz :D

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I would definitely see The

I would definitely see The Reaper as wrecker hired by someone to make opponents crash or for the sake of chaos and his own amusement.

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I had to let my ESO sub drop

I had to let my ESO sub drop back at the beginning of fall, between work and being distracted on multiple fronts with several other games I couldnt keep logged in enough to justify the cause.
Totally understand tho man. Maybe somethign else out there will peak your interest at some point in the future.

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I'm still waiting too my

I'm still waiting too my friend, one day...

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