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The Captains’ Speech (Open RP for those who were at the Rescue)

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The Captains’ Speech (Open RP for those who were at the Rescue)

After a hard space battle that the left the Skull barley able to go into hyperspace and the liberation of the last survivors of ESC-390, the derelict ship is on its way back to Rishi.

A call is made through the Intercom for every sentient and droid to proceed to the main deck.

The rescuers were already there as well as some crew members, but Henerkin, the Gammoreans and their Sow were still in the main hangar bay as well as Rusty’s Jawas and Droids who we still down below in the engines room.

When they arrived, despite the evident aging, Dorie recognized her father and without any hesitation, jumped at his neck “Dad! We missed you so much!” He hugs her back “I know… I missed you too, I missed you all” He even had a tear falling from his one good eye, something that very few people has ever seen.

The crew lined up behind her and one by one they shook his sickly shaky hand, those who were closer like the other Captains hugged him and then Mogy made his way to Captain’s desk, “So, old friend… Are you gonna make a speech or what huh?!” On those words the crew chanted along “Speech, Speech, Speech…”

Henerkin limped to the desk, shook his old friend’s hand, taping his shoulder with the other and then he stands there, looking at the crowd of Pirates and Mercenaries. At the front row there is the rescuers, most of them he knows very well, some a little less. Behind them the remaining crew of The Skull with the Captains of The Crossbones, The Mynock and The Fuzzball as well as their remaining crews. Next to them on the right is Rusty with his fourty jawa clan and their forty droids and then on the left the new potential addition to the crew, Fred the Dead, Voivod, The former mine workers and fourty Gammoreans with their half breed Queen, Rainha.

After a moment of silence he started to talk, in his burned out voice, shaky and unstable on his legs, holding on to the desk not to fall.

Dorie was watching in shock, her father, her captain, her hero, in such a state. It really burned through her soul to see him like that but she remained silent, keeping her tears of rage for after the speech. Instead, she gave him a comforting smile before he started.

“Howdy! First thing I wanna thank Fran over there, who smuggled us the tiny bits of slicing components we needed over the past five years to turn the tides in our favor. I am also much honored to see some familiar Invicta faces among you, Trixxie, Rahm and Telessa as well as those who I am less familiar with, Thank you. Y’all gonna be compensated greatly for the risk you took saving our sorry hides out there, starting with my share of the spice, it will be divided among the rescuers.

Second, it feels great to be home again. It’s been the longest five years of my life, my legs are kriffed, my lungs are about gone and my body is pretty much a wreck. I think the plan when they sent me there at my age was to kill me slowly… I ain’t at the top of my shape, but I ain’t dead yet, thanks to my fellow workers like Voivod. That said, I know I ain’t your Captain anymore and I shouldn’t have done it, but I made some promises to these men, women and boars, promises that they would have a place in this crew and their fair share of the loot, So I humbly ask you to take a vote on this issue and count mine as a, Yay. Believe me, every one of them is worth it, even if some of you might find the cohabitation with Gammoreans to be a problem, well mange, we always do. I will brief Melkaio on the details when we arrive. ”

Melkaio Interrupts the speech for a moment ‘’I am quite intrigued, are you Implying that you are not stepping back up as the Captain of The Skull”

Henerkin looks at his most trusted friend “Seriously, Mel, look at me… I am but a shell of my former self, a shipwreck, I ain’t fit to be Captain anymore, not if I ain’t fit enough to lead a boarding party.”

Melkaio shakes his head “Nothing that cybernetics can’t fix, right crew?”

The crowd cheered and started to chant Henerkin’s name for a few seconds before he interrupts them “If that’s what y’all really want, I’m all yours, but still, this decision will have to be voted, Mel, am’I right? I ain’t gonna be imposed to the crew, they need to vote me in”

Melkaio nods ”Of course it has to be and anyone else want to jump in the race is welcome but consider me a Yay in your favor if you step in. Considering that we lost 40% of the crew during the past five years, I won’t let my ego get in the way of the wellbeing of The Skull.”

Henerkin thanked the crew one last time and left the desk, limping back to his old time friends from Invicta.

Submission Type:

Space Pirate, Captain of The Skull
Invicta, Resident hired Privateer.

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((Feel free to react IC if

((Feel free to react IC if you want))

Space Pirate, Captain of The Skull
Invicta, Resident hired Privateer.

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The Peanut Gallery

Chiming in from waaaaay over there, no there, not there .. how can you miss her jumping up and down and waving her hands. Yes, THERE! There was the grinning, bright-eyed, green-skinned monkey girl Francess Thurlowe Pulvair, Esquire, exuberant as always.
"Hey! All I can say is it was funner than fun could be, made me some monies and if you did NOT substitute the two part expoxy for the conditioner and body wash, you would be in far better shape than you are now and with no split ends. At least Voivod has the regrettable excuswe of being bald, my hearts mourn for you my hairless buddy."
"I say Henerkin for Captain! If Dorie wants to be captain, she needs a full cosmetological examination becuase if she shows roots? So not it."
"Mel must wear a wig because you just CANNOT strike a flamboyant poise with fake wind blowing through your non existant Rattaki hair. We can always airbush it in, but it's not the same."

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Melkaio take a bottle of

Melkaio takes a bottle of whisky and take a sip and pass it to another pirate and takes a bottle of wine.

- Hey Fran! You tell the truth! I had to admit that I was not sure at the beginning! I appologise for that!
The Ratataki nods respecfully.
- Here is a gift for you!
I hope you appreciate Alderaan finest red wine!

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