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((Written and RPed by Mel trix and me.))

A speeder lands on the platform. A good looking redhead with two blasters hanging on her belt disembarks and proceeds towards the Rattataki.

- Melkaio : Welcome to The Treasure island Casino Lady Trixie! Our hideout on Nar Shaddaa!

-Trixie : I’ve been called many things but Lady surely ain’t one of em’! Glad to see ya again Mel!

-Melkaio : A shared pleasure Trixie! Last time we met was at your party on Tatooine. The one where the Captain drunk himself under the table… well one of them.

At The same moment, a small droid scans the young lady and points two rotating automatic blasters at her.He is followed closely by a Jawa with an electro-baton.

- Technok : Scanning for targets, Ready for deletion…

Rusty, the Jawa, hits the droid with discharge from the electro-baton before it finishes it’s sentence.

- Rusty : Ukanbi uni Technok akata! (Quiet Technok!)

The droid poses, twitches from the blue energy discharge cycling through his circuits and holsters his blasters.

- Melkaio : You’re a naughty little droid Technok! Come on, Trixie is our guest!

Then he addresses the Jawa.

Click to Enlarge

- Melkaio : Rusty! Bring your droid back to the workshop! I think his program is a bit excessive to say the least.

- Rusty : Uttinni! (Agreed!)

As he turns his attention back to Trixie.

- Melklaio : If you would kindly join me downstairs, Mogy is waiting for us in the casino.

-Trixie : I’m fallowing ya Mel!

Meanwhile inside the casino, Mogy made himself at home near his favorite Twi’lek dancer, he tips her generously and orders a quadruple Mantellian Mojito double the Rhum and half the mint from the roaming cocktail droid. Hes there enjoying
his premium entertainment when the door opens.

Click to enlarge.

- Melkaio : Mogy! Our guest is here!

The Captain of the Crossbones looks at them, comfortably leaning against the bar on his stool. He nods at the readhead as he rises his huge Mojito jar.

- Mogy : Yo sista! What’s up?

- Trixie : How ya doin’ Moe?

Melkaio quickly grabs himself a Rodian beer from behind the bar and offers their guest whatever she wants.

- Melkaio : Trixie, if you want a drink you are our guest, Zeila will be pleased to oblige.

- Mogy : Or whatever spice you might be into.

Trixie light up one of her space cigarettes and asks for a vintage Corellian Whiskey, she know the place is well stocked when it comes to that kind of fine beverage, one of their customer being Captain Eisley, who drinks exclusively that. She could even guest that the top shelve was basically his personal reserve. That’s exactly what she wants to drink.

Zeila looks at at Melkaio for approval, he smiles and she serves a glass full of that vintage nectar to Trixie.

Normally it would be just a dram, but for the pirates it was always a full glass.

When everyone is settled, Mogy starts briefing the two others.

- Mogy : So here’s the deal, In the end Z.E.G.G. appeared to be a Corporation instead of a dude. Me and Mel found the place, very well guarded by a poodooload of different droids of any kind. Our deal with the protocol droid the use as
vendor there was a kriffing fiasco and it didn’t go as plan one bit! That’s why we came up short on Tibanna Gas. However, this made another idea grow in the back of our heads that could potentially drown us in creds!

The pirate pauses and takes a sip from his drink then Trixie comment.

- Trixie : Yeah we could blow up the whole damn place and take what we need!

- Melkaio : We were thinking something more along the lines of taking over the Corporation. It is an ambitious plan I must say but we think it could work out! Our research allowed us to find out that there is no Captain Zu anymore, the former owner of the organization. He is most likely dead or in carbonite somewhere. We believe the Corporation is still operating solely on old droids that keep doing what they were programmed for, knowingly or not of the absence of their

- Trixie : Aye, so whats yer plan mates?
Drinking his Mojito until Mel is done briefing Trix, The Captain of The Crossbones now share his plan with his fellow pirates.

- Mogy : So plan A. We enter the facility pretending to be in the market for more Tibanna Gas. When we reach the warehouse section with the vendor droid, someone distracts the guards while someone else fit them with restraining bolts. Once
its done, we slice the vendor to give us access to the mainframe Melkaio discovered as the emitting source of their program. We slice the mainframe and the Corporation becomes ours. We split the Profits Three ways. We bring Rahm the 3 fifth of a GLT he still needs and we start making a killing with the rest. That and this will become another steady income for us just like the spice mine. Plan B, this is a bit like A but if we are wanna play safe, we could just slice the vendor
for now and acquire the Tibanna Gas for 0 credits this time.

- Trixie interrupts : Screw this! We’re pirates, that’s all or nothing!

- Mogy laughs and nods in agreement.

- Mogy : yeah, well better have more options that none. Plan C : We take over with a full on assault. That means we risk all of our crews in that battle. It might worth the risk but I’d rather see plan A happen and keep our crew intact with
the same outcome. An there is the backup plan that will happen in parallel of any of these.

He pauses again to wet his whistle with his huge Mojito

- Mogy : While we proceed from the front door, Camoni and Hassott enter from the top of the cave with a thermo-drill that shouldn't be heard until they reach the metal inside the facility. Them they clear the mainframe room and Cam slices
the mainframe, installing a virus that will surrender the control of the corporation to us. If we fail, they might still succeed, if they fail, we only have plan C left and we hope for the best.

- Melkaio : Since plan C might happen and cost us a lot of our crew, I suggest we validate all this with Henerkin. I asked Fish to bring him out of the Kolto tank.

On their way to the the Med Bay thet ran into Cutie. Her and Trixie had an history of closing the Dealer’s Den cantina every night back when they were privateers for the Republic. They were both very happy to meet again and Trixie couldn't help but notice Cutie's new look, with pink ribbons , curls and locks. Cutie gave a big hairy loving wookiee hug to Trixie and they both exchanged about the grand old times for several minutes while Melkaio witnessed the two friends

Click to enlarge

After awhile, Melkaio had to interrupt.

- Melkaio : Ladies! I wouldn’t want to hurry things up that way but we really need to me the Captain for our business on New Plympto! Cutie, is he inside?

She nodded with a positive growl.

They entered the door, guarded by two crew members of The Skull, to be greeted furiously by Fish, the drunk Calamari Medical Officer of the crew.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

- Fish : This is too much this time! There ain’t no way the Captain will heal up if y’all pull him out of the tank like that! This is unacceptable! You hear!? Unacceptable!

- Melkaio : Sorry but we have no choice, we need a word with Henerkin before we proceed to the mission and you wouldn’t want to disapont our guest, Trixie who came here to see him.

After the suffering Fish’s temper, they entered further into the Med Bay. Captain Henerkin was there sitting on the bed with the Doctor Fish monitoring his vital signs with the assistance of his medical probe droid.

- Trixie : Hey Henny! You don’t look too bad!

- Henerkin : I’be know better days you know? But I’ll get through this. I suppose you ain’t got me out of the tank just ask me about my health.

Henerkin the looks at Melkaio

- Melkaio : No Indeed we didn’t Our business on New Plympto didn’t quite worked as planned and Rahm wants more Tibanna Gas.

- Henerkin : That ain’t surprising one bit coming from a Mando. They ain’t the kind to settle for a lesser victory. We can’t afford to lose face in front of him, we need that business relationship to go on, so fill me in, what the kriff happened for us to come short? Y’all got a way to fix this?

- Melkaio : I know Captain! In short, the going price on the black market was more than twice and a half the industry standard. So we couldn't buy more that than two fifth of a GLT.

- Henerkin : Buy? Since when do WE buy anything?! Raid that damn thing and get on with it will ya!? I really need to get back on my feet soon, what the kriff is piracy coming to?

- Melkaio : Of course Captain! And that’s exactly what we want to run by you, me and miss Trixie. We devised a plan with Captain Mogy that would allow us to take over the Z.E.G.G. Corporation, But in the eventuality the plan would fail there
would be a risk that we suffer several losses among our combined crews.

Henerkin’s single eye shines in interest.

- Henerkin : You got my hear, whats that plan?

They exposed that plans they made earlier with Mogy.

- Henerkin : If you can take over with that scam go for it, but if it fails we ain’t backing down. Tell Moe to land The Skull in order to have their front door in range of out main cannons, If y’all get in trouble get out and tell the crew to fire at will, that should weed out a good chunk of them clankers before you get the ground attack in the works. Gotta love backwater planets, clear landing anywhere!

Soon after they departed to New Plympto, this time the rode was familiar, the course already registered into The Skull’s central computer. The fighters were all docked on Tatooite to make room for the bigger freighters. The Crossbones, The
Mynock, The Fuzzball and Trixie’s Ship were all inside the Skull’s main hangar with all their crews ready for possible trouble. The plan was ambitious and so many things could go wrong.

Mogy landed The Skull closer than the last time, making sure the main door of the Z.E.G.G. Corporation facility was in rang of the main turbolaser turrets. Trixie, Melkaio and Mogy proceeded on foot to the ray shielded door while Hassott and Camoni got on their speeders to execute the alternative plan from the top of the hill.

At the door, Mogy was greeted by the D3-P0 right away and the ray shields let them in. They followed the him to the main facility where they saw the four large guard droid the last time they were there.

click to enlarge

Meanwhile, Hassott and Camoni reached the top of the hill where they were supposed to dig. One thing they didn’t expected already, a satellite dish antenna was there. Camoni laughs while Hassott remained ice cold without expression.

- Camoni : Let me check this out before we dig, if it as what I think it is we’re in business my friend.

- Hassott : I ain’t «Your » friend…

- Camoni : Seriously? That banthapoodoo again? Relax I ain’t the enemy here tough guy.

The slicer inspected the antenna for awhile and found a small control panel. It was the facility’s main communication relay. However when he tried to hack it, he fried almost electrocuting him in the process.

Hassott’s smile was almost visible, satisfied of Camoni’s suffering.

- Hassott : Some slicer you are fatso! Move over… Or not!

These words were not even completely said that his sticky bomb landed on the satellite dish, now he smiled, something was about to blow up, maybe even someone would die.

Not too eager to meet his maker, Camoni rolled into cover the best he could before the antenna was replaced by a crater.

- Camoni : You kriffing son of a Hutt! You almost got me killed!

The good news now was that they could start digging and the crater already did a part of the job. The droids below didn’t even bother sounding the alarm for an explosion on the surface because it wasn't rare things blew up in the area with all the these « scum of the universe » types coming to New Plympto to hide from the core world’s law. Some of them being regular clients and some of them fighting each other when they met in the area.

They started to dig while the other team tried to work their magic with the droids at the entry.

Click to enlarge (Recycled from Part 1 as reference)

Trixie presented the droid with briefcase filled with credits and asked how much Tibanna Gas she could buy with it. There was a slight problem with however, she didn’t count it… On purpose.

While the D3-P0 was counting, she walked around, left and right acting as if she was anxious to finally acquire some Tibanna Gas, that too was all acting, part of the plan, while she distracted the guard droid Mogy tried to fit them with
restraining bolts, which worked to a certain extent. Trixie had to finish the job. That was to be expected,you can’t ask a bulky brute like Captain Moe to be all that subtle.

Melkaio was keeping the last bolt for the vendor droid and once it was fitted Trixie started to slice him.

- Melkaio : Mogy! You would have had more success beating those droids into scrap piles than putting on these restraining bolts, I’ll remember that next time.

- Mogy : Kriff Off Mel! I’ll turn you into a scrap pile bro!

As his voice was rising the guards droids started to react to his tone, pointing their blasters at him.

- Mogy : Yo! Rust buckets! Shut the kriff up and stay! Weapons down and and circuits off!

The four massive guard droids shut down all at once.

- Melkaio : Ha! Ha! Very subtle approach indeed!

Trixie ordered the protocol droid to shut down and she proceeded with Camoni’s virus. Everything seemed to work tremendously well, too well. When the D3-P0 came back online he greeted the two pirates as The Makers.

- D3-P0 : Statement / My Stars. The Makers are here. Long live the Makers.

- Trixie : You bet we are! Now turn over the facility to us clankers! We be the rightful owners!

The droid turned down the ray shielded doors and escorted them through the facility.

- Mogy laughed : Damn girl! You have a way with droids!

- Melkaio : If only our jawas were that efficient! Not to denigrate there work but it lacks some finesse sometime.

As they walked towards the control room Melkaio noticed that every droids in the facility except D3-P0 were shut down, which was strange because the virus they installed inside him wasn't supposed to affect the others without the central computer being sliced. Well that meant one thing, They had lost their bet with Camoni.

Indeed, the digging went quite well and when Camoni and Hassott got inside the main control room, only two guard droids were there and two operators. Whithout communications, they couldn't alert the others and Hassott gladly turned them all into tiny scrap piece. When he was done playing, Camoni could go down there and do his magic. This time it worked. He infected the network with his « Maker Maker » virus, designed to turn droids into cultists, worshiping whoever the virus is programmed for. In this case, every member of Trixie’s crew, The Skull’s, The Crossbones’ The Mynock’s and the Fuzzball’s crews.

Click to enlarge

When Mogy, Melkaio and Trixie arrived to the control room they found Camoni and Hassott already there.

- Camoni : What took you so long? So… Now you owe me the next round at Krayt’s Nest. I think I’ll order the Captain’s Finest Whiskey, you know the one he keeps in his locker.

- Melkaio : Don’t push your luck Cam, I’ll be the one hearing about this every day after, I’d be forced to kill you and that would make the situation very unpleasant for our good pirate relationship don’t you think? Order anything BUT that that bottle.

- Trixie : Kriff that I’ll order it! We be rich now, right?

They laughed. Indeed they were. In the central computer Camoni found all the ledgers. The Z.E.G.G Corporation was dealing weapons of any grades at close to any underworld scale. They processed several shipments every month from blasters to detonators to turbo-lasers. Blasters were the most common, detonators close second. The heavy ordinance was more scarce, they some a Turbo-lasers Turret or Tibanna Gas once or twice a year. Still, it was impressive since there was no record of any living employees, everything was sshipped and processed by droids only. The Captain Zu that Melkaio found in his research has been dead for several years, killed by a bounty hunter hired by Booola the Hutt. That sane Hutt being himself in carbonite at The Krayt’s Nests for being the former owner of Henerkin.

As for the mission, the assignment was to get the rest of the Ton of Tibanna Gas they needed for Rahm. It was a tremendous success, the facility still had 13.5 GLT and a supply line that could bring more than 60 GLT yearly. The question now was, would the pirates deliver the entire amount and reveal the supply line or would they bring 3 fifth of the missing Ton and hide the existence of the supply line or would they bring the whole supply they found?

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Space Pirate, Captain of The Skull
Invicta, Resident hired Privateer.

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Very Nice Hen! WOW!

Very Nice Hen! WOW!

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Amazing stuff, Hen :)

Amazing stuff, Hen :)

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