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Invicta Development Strategy in ESO

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Invicta Development Strategy in ESO

What follows is a basic outline of where I see things going with the guild as we continue to expand.  The intent here is to keep the structure of the guild only as complex as necessary, while allowing for a variety of ranks and positions to expand as the guild expands.  This development strategy is (mostly) OOC!  If you ask Aurelius ICly about where he plans to take things, he's got this as a vague idea in his head, but doesn't have things written out like this.  Its also important to note that this outline can and will change as necessary... if we just don't have that many non-combatants, for example, the Logistics side of things may stay relatively small while we expand the military side of things.  If we have someone who is more of an ambassadorial character join the guild, we might open the Ambassadorial Division early and so on.

The purpose of organizing the guild is to spread around leadership responsibilities as we expand and to make each member of the guild feel they have a necessary IC and/or OOC role within the guild.  Each rank and position have IC and OOC responsibilities of varying degrees and those who hold ranks are encouraged to style their Squad, Cohort or Division however they'd like, including giving it a unique name!  

I'm very open to input from folks who feel we should do things differently.  Just reply to this thread with your suggestions!


First, a few basic definitions:

Rank: Rank represents your character's authority to command those under him and will be reflected in the in-game rank structure of the guild.  The Legate is the highest rank in the guild (hey, that's me!).  Command-rank officers are Tribunes.

Position: Position refers to an individual's IC and/or OOC responsibility within the guild.  These may or may not be married to a rank, depending on the position.  For example, the Legate is both a rank and a position; Aurelius has overall command of the guild (due to his rank) and is responsible for growing the guild, negotiating missions and overall organization of the guild (due to his position).  The Quartermaster is a position responsible for leading and organzing non-combatants in the guild and they will start out with a rank of Prefect (though when we reach Tier 3, they will have the rank of Third Tribune).

Achievements: Achievement medals will be awarded on as as-needed basis.  They reflect an accomplishment by the guild member or character and do not denote a rank or position.  As of this writing, I'm still working on what these are.

Main/Alt: Each player is asked to choose one of their characters as a 'main' character.  This will usually be their highest ranking character and when you post on these forums, you'll have the rank and position of your Main displayed under your name.  Typically, only one character per player can hold a rank above Legionnaire.

The Plan

The basic idea here is that the guild will 'level up', just like your characters, based on the number of unique accounts in the guild roster.  Currently, we're at 22 members, but I'm just about to 'level up' the guild from Tier One to Tier Two.

Tier One: The Founders
Requirement: 10 unique members or less
Organization: One mixed Founders Squad lead by the Tribune who reports directly to the Legate. The Tribune is supported by an Optio.

Tier Two: Military and Logistics - CURRENT TIER
Requirement: about 20 unique members or less
Organization: The Founders Squad is split into Military Squad (military) and Logistics Squad (civilian).  Guild meetings scheduled as needed.

  • Military Squad is commanded by a Centurion, with support from their Optio

  • Logistics Squad is commanded by a Prefect (the Quartermaster) with support from their Optio

Tier Three: The Tribunes

Requirement: about 30 unique members
Organization: The Centurion of each squad is promoted to the command-rank of Tribune and existing Squads are split, with each Tribune choosing new Centurions/Prefects.  Guild meetings will be scheduled once a month.

  • Military Division opens:

    • The Military Squad Centurion is promoted to the rank of Second Tribune

    • Original Military Squad is divided into two Squads, each commanded a Centurion and his Optio:

      • Infantry Squad: Front-line warriors of the guild.

      • Auxiliary Squad: Mages, Priests and 'Scouts'

  • Logistics Division opens:

    • The Quartermaster is promoted to the rank of Third Tribune

    • The Logistics Squad is divided into two Squads, each commanded by a Prefect and his Optio.  Possible squads include:

      • Scholars

      • Craftsmen

Tier Four: The Ambassador
Requirements: 50 unique members
Organization: The Embassy Division opens.  Logistics and Military Divisions expand, with existing Squads becoming Cohorts.  Guild meetings will be scheduled every other week.

  • Military Division:

    • The Division is divided into two:

      • Cohort I (lead by the First Centurion), with each squad lead by an Optio that reports to the Second Tribune

      • Auxilia (lead by the Second Centurion), with each squad lead by an Optio that reports to the Third Tribune

  • Logistics Division:

    • New Prefect Positions:

      • Chaplain: responsible for religious needs of the Company

      • Herald: Operates as assistant to the Legate

  • Embassy Division opens:

    • Lead by the Ambassador, the Fourth Tribune, responsible for reaching out to other guilds, companies and organizations to establish relationships

    • At least three Prefects, one for each political faction (Blue Prefect, Red Prefect, Green Prefect)

    • One Squad will be assigned to the Embassy Division to protect the Ambassador and Embassy Staff.

Tier Five: Operations
Requirements: 70 unique members
Organization: Operations Division opens. Existing Divisions are expanded as necessary.

  • Logistics Division: Expansion as necessary

  • Military Division: Expansion as necessary

  • Embassy Division: Expansion as necessary

  • Operations Division opens:

    • Lead by the Doctore, the Fifth Tribune, responsible for training new members and providing advice to new players.

    • Select a Prefect from other Divisions for each class who will operate as a ‘class lead’:

      • Dragonknights: Marshal, the Red Stallion/Mare

      • Nightblades: Ewerer, the Black Stallion/Mare

      • Sorcerers: Vizier, the Roan Stallion/Mare

      • Templars: Clericus, the Dun Stallion/Mare

      • Wardens: Custos, the Buckskin Stallion/Mare

Tier Six: The Praetorians
Requirements: 90 unique members
Organization: Expansion of all Divisions as necessary.  Establishment of the Praetorians, a new mixed Squad that reports to the Legate directly as his personal guard and attendants

Tier Seven: Domination
Requirements: 100 unique members or more
Organization: Expansion of all Divisions as necessary.  The Quartermaster becomes responsible for maintaining the Guild Market and coordinating crafting runs

Again, this is a basic outline of where I'd like to take things.  If you've got ideas on modifications, changes or outright reorganization of things, post your suggestions here!

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