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Operation Forlorn Hope Rules

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Operation Forlorn Hope Rules

(oocly- this will be a hard fight.. For that there is going to be some explaining done here. )

1: Dice roll will be a touch different and I will break it down..


Armor= 10

Hit point= 20

Total points =40

Personal shield generator- it will half the damage you receive till that is depleted. Odd numbers will be rounded down before halved. ex: 5=4, 3=2

There will also be 3 saves given to everyone to use. Save us when you save your buddy from a very nasty shot.. The person saved takes no damage.

Everyone will have 3 assisted dodges, somewhat similar to save's but the person who got assisted will only take 1 Hp of damage instead of what they would of gotten.

Everyone will have one med pack that will give 1d4 health back

If you play a IC healer, you have stronger heals, bring it to my attention and I can adjust that for you.

2: The Npc, the storyline to this story is a rogue group imperials and Sith pureblood cultist are assisting the gormack. Since that can't be done visually in game, imagination will be needed. Normal npcs are gormacks, Elites will be a mix between imperials, and a few sith purebloods

Gold elites will be sith pureblood of some standing and for that, when rolling against golds everyone adds 1 damage to their rolls. Basically everyone will get 1 damage.

Spawns, re-spawns do count up until 3 re spawns or a GM says differently.

GM might occasionally roll for damage for other things not seen.. Maybe..

Also we have several NPC squads that are with PI as well and will hold certain locations, and helping us out. If you have to leave or show up late it is ok to say you were with any npc group. I don’t want anyone left out of this rp.

Over all please be patient, this is suppose to be a huge fight, that doesn't get run smashed through in a quick hurry. Don't look at the spawns and say.. oh only 4 people.. Look at it as being a fortified held location.

3:Break down /reminder on dice rolls. After every spawn people roll 1d20

15= 1 damage

16= 2 damage

17= 3 damage

18= 4 damage

20 = 5 damage

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