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New Functionality to the Website

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New Functionality to the Website

I've added some new functionality to the website and corrected some problems on the back-end that was limiting how the site worked:

  • Subscriptions: You can now choose to subscribe to certain types of content (forum posts, blogs, group posts, etc). To activate your subscriptions, click 'Add Subscription' in the left-hand column. When you add a subscription, you'll get an automated email that notifies you when new content is created of that type or a reply is made.
  • Forums: Forums are accessible based on your role and group membership. General forums are visible to all registered users. Forums specific to games are visible based on roles (i.e., if you can see a the Old Republic forums, you have the 'TOR Member' role). If there are forums you'd rather not see in the list, just drop me a Private Message and I'll fix it. Note that members of Invicta High Command can see all forums... I can't turn that off for you unless you step down from Invicta High Command.
  • Taxonomy: You may not have noticed it, but a lot of the options for setting terms (like Platform, Submission Type) weren't visible when creating content. Those terms are now visible again for all users!

If you run into any problems, just let me know.

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