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"I don't know Hool that's an Imperial destroyer," the younger Rodian was understandably nervous. The Empire did not look kindly on 'unauthorized' salvage.

"You worry too much Paloo, it's a derelict she's been out here for months. No one cares about this wreck.

Paloo wasn't so sure, the damage to the destroyer wasn't extensive. The pin point blasts that had taken the Imperial war machine out of commission appeared to have originated from inside, but there was little point in arguing with his older brother now, the thought of the potential credits were blinding all other considerations.

As the salvage vessel docked Paloo, Hool, and fourteen others stood in zero g suits waiting to board their prize, it was clear to Paloo from looks on the faces of those standing around him he wasn't the only one with reservations.

"I'm tellin' ya Paloo I know a guy we get this thing running and we'll be rich. Just a short jump, a hand over and done."

Hool went on as they moved through the vessel on their magnetic boots. How they were going to be rich, that this was the big score that they were waiting for, Paloo wasn't too sure how his brother could just continue to chatter away, the place was giving him the shivers.
Corpses floated in the corridors along with debris. The silence hung like a weight in the air broken only by the sound of the salvage teams breathing, and Hool's sporadic assurances all would be credits and dreams soon.

Once they found the main lift shaft the group split into three. One to head for the bridge, lead by Hool to get the main computer online. One lead by Jalee heading to main engineering, to get the aim power online and assess the damage to the hyperdrive. Finally Paloo who's team's job was life support and gravity on the primary maintenance deck.

Paloo was great full to get away from the main corridors, there were fewer corpses. He couldn't decide if the dead faces and frozen eyes or the faceless helmets were more unnerving. Less of both was preferred.As they worked out the damage to the primary life support hub it was clear they would have more repairs to make later. By the time the felt the vessel come to life it's main power plant awoken, they were ready to engage the artificial gravity.

One by one they worked away for the better part of a standard day, the destroyer wouldn't be going into battle anytime soon but she might just make hyperspace. At least long enough to see if Hool was for real or full of bantha droppings.
Hoping for a little praise for getting the life support running on 4 whole decks Paloo made his way to the bridge.

It was the thrum of the ships main power coming back online that first touched Dreikyn's senses. This then brought his mind back enough to become aware of the life forms responsible. It was too soon to wake yet. Patiently he waited and was reward with the impact of his back with the deck plating. Gravity restored, only one critical component remained to allow him to wake fully from his deep slumber. Again his patience was rewarded.

The interloper were unaware as he slowly returned to a living state. Heart rate rising, lungs once again drawing breathe. The Force and his fury had sustained him but he had nearly reached his limit when the salvage ship arrived. Someone smiled on him this day. The first Rodian who saw him rise from the floor let out a squeal and fainted, the second reached for his blaster too slowly to be effective. Normally Dreikyn would have just deposed of such creatures, fearful, greedy, useless, but not today.

"Who among you leads?"

Hool in an uncharacteristically brave display stepped forward. "I'm Hool, th-these are m-my men"

"My offer is simple, serve and live. Rewards will follow."

As Paloo walked onto the bridge to see Hool and the others kneeling before the spectre of a Sith standing in the middle of the bridge.

This was soo not good.

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Several days after he'd awoken from hibernation Dreikyn stood on the bridge of the ISS Tuk'ata. The vessel was still a shadow of its former self. Between the damage from the sabotage that had betrayed her and the asteroids that had added insult to injury, it was nothing short of a minor miracle the salvagers were able to do as much as they had.

It had not been difficult to hide the truth from the rodians as to his state. By the time they had begun to suspect anything was amiss he had recovered more than enough to deal with any of them. It would be some days more however before he would be strong enough to risk confronting another force user.

Dreikyn gazed out the main windows on the bridge at the massive piece of superstructure in which his clever new friends had managed to hid the destroyer. The original construct that had created the debris field had long been lost to the mists of time, now it was a haven for those who needed to remain lost. Or in Dreikyn's case, remain dead. At least for now.

As much as he truly wished to know the fate of the others, should the worst be true, he was I'll prepared to confront a fellow Sith, or a jedi for that matter. He had never hibernate for such a length of time, understand such severe conditions. His morellian physiology would allow him to recover, but it would take more time.

"Master?" The leader of these ones Hool approach with respect. Clever, curious and inventive they were useful. Superstitious, weak willed, and greedy, they were easy to control.

"Yes what is it?"

"We have repair systems in the main hanger bay, a couple more days and the transport should be ready as well."

Dreikyn nodded and smiled once he dismissed the rodians. Very useful indeed.


Dromond Kass, it was interesting how far a dead man could get on sheer guile. Dreikyn glanced at his reflection in the glass as he exited the star port. Hoods and masks had never been his thing. He understood the point, but he'd always preferred to use his menacing features and piercing gaze. However that was not an option, and now the farther he got on the menace of his new mask, the better he understood the worth of anonymous menace.

Darth Atrinak had clearly now held the main hall. As it was one of the same Darth's ships that had arrived to take advantage of the sabotage it didn't take much in the way of intelligence to understand what had come to pass. What remained was to determine if there was any left still loyal to the cause, and if so who did they rally around.

A few short hours and a borrowed speeder later, Dreikyn examined the remains of the archives in the Lady's own residences, or rather what was left of them. Destroyed with purpose, but by who. The collateral damage was unnecessary, but not careless. Perhaps over zealous. He needed information.
There were places to go, questions to ask, pressure to be applied.

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