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Aly'sande (Primary )

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Harvest Ball pt. 2

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Aly and Mercy entered through the huge Oaken doors into the relative quiet of the house. The Enormous hall lit with hundreds of candles and huge urns filled to overflowing with flowers especially yellow roses, the fragrance of which filled Aly’s nostrils with their heady aroma as soon as they entered.

The house much like the rest of the estate was white and marble and elegant.

A smoothness to the beauty which was so different to her own home.

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Harvest Ball

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The sound of music filled the air as Aly’ waited to hand her invitation to the armed man at the gate, who gave her and it a cursory look and waved her in.

Once inside the huge walls that surrounded the beautiful and elegant grounds, she marveled at the sights and sounds of the gala.

Aly had of course been to festivals in Skyrim, but nothing quite like this and Justice’s “ house” was a palace.

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