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The only sounds were the clop clopping of the horses’ hooves, the faint call of night birds and the occasional rumble of sleeping beasts. The woods dark on either side of her a faint glow on the Eastern horizon as she rode on. Aly’sande had managed to slip out of the Manor gate unseen walking the horse for more than a mile in the dark before she kicked him into a canter.

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ESO RP Character sheet Aly'sande Syden

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Basic Information:

Full Name: Lady Aly’sande Syden Hjalmar,

Nicknames/Titles: Aly’sande Syden Countess of Ginmuir, Thane of Skaarihn

Known as Aly to her friends “The Thorn “

Gender: female

Age: 22, born in 561

Race/Homeland:  Nord / Breton born Hjalmarch

Class: Nightblade Assassination

Character Appearance:

Hair: Cinnamon Red

Skin: Fair and rosy “pink”

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