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TOR: Project Invicta

Invicta's Imperial guild.

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[Freelance Job] Database Infiltration (8CST, 10/10)

::: A short holomail is sent via non-priority Invicta channels. When the message is played, it proves to be from Belatrix's personal pilot, Jira. ::: 

"Righ'. Ain' good at this messagin' shi', so 'm gonna make this shor'. If'n yer a glowbat jockey, this prob'ly ain' fer you. Same fer anyone wha' can' deal skulkin' 'round some back alleys. 

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This Is War - 30 Seconds To Mars

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Hey Everyone!

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Are people still interested in doing Ops?

74% (23 votes)
23% (7 votes)
Yes, but it needs to be on a different day (please post the day you would prefer)
3% (1 vote)
Total votes: 31
Groups audience: 
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The Old Republic

Group for players of Star Wars: The Old Republic, both Imperial and Republic players.

Latest News

Tuesday Night Expedition and Hunt - Belsavis

On Tuesday, July 17, the expedition will be travelling to Belsavis! We will once again be finding all the datacrons on Belsavis.

If the world boss is there and we have the resources, we'll go after him, too!

Meeting point is Interfleet cantina (bottom floor, right in the middle of the ring, instance 1)


If you need to connect with the group later or want more info, send me a message or ask in guild chat.

Yours in adventure and the hunt!


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Ord Mantell World Adventure RP

Ord Mantell World Adventure RP

Wednesday the 18th  8PM CST

Avilatan’s Rest Cantina, Fort Garrak

ITC has received several contracts, from both the Republic and various private vendors, for deliveries of weapons and other trade goods.  All available personnel are requested to aide in the delivery effort.

Tuesday Night Expedition and Hunt - Hoth

What the Hoth?

The expedition will be visiting Hoth on Tuesday, July 10th. We will be getting the datacrons and dealing with any elites that we come across. We will also be looking at taking down the boss Snowblind, if he's around.

Snowblind is a challenging boss that involves the expedition's first tactical fight. As such, anyone who has a character that is level 40-50 that can at least come help take down this boss would be appreciated (we usually try to take down the boss first thing in the evening if it's around) and if not we keep checking back, so people are welcome to stay on stand-by if they want do that. However, all levels are welcome to come to Hoth.

The really good news is that ALL level characters (who have a ship) can come to Hoth to join in the fun. I tried it with my level 19 alt and she didn't have any problems getting to the Hoth planet surface. (I mention this because we had issues with that back on Quesh.)

Taral V Republic - Boss Fights and Strategy

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This is suppose to be the start instance for the Hard Mode Flashpoints. I am not sure if this is the same on both sides of the fence. Some abbrevs: T/S = tank and spank; CDs = cooldowns; BR = burn him;

There are 5 boss fights in this instance. Handler Gattan, Captain Shivanek w/ Ripper, Lord Haspar (bonus boss), PD-44 Droid, and General Edikar (final and toughest boss)

Handler Gattan: spawns some adds (2). Strategy here is to have DPS kill adds, then T/S boss

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Nights of Nar Shaddaa - Weekly Neutral RP Event - Thursdays 9PM EST. (Tonight)

Thursdays, 9PM EST
North Gambling Barge (Near Republic Taxi)
Lower promenade
Nar Shaddaa.

Join TheReaper for This weekly night of Music, gambling, dancing, drinking and socializing.

The music will be available on Invicta Radio: http://www.ordoinvicta.com/home/invicta-radio

Tuesday Night Expedition and Hunt - Quesh

The Tuesday Night Expedition and Hunt is traveling to beautiful and toxic Quesh on July 3!


Meeting point Interfleet cantina, ground level ((right in the middle of Interfleet))

Or ask for an invite in guild chat.


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Lowbie Flashpoint Run, The Esseles

The light siders are going to check out some Flash Points together starting at 6PM PDT.  That is 9 PM for the folks on the other side of the country.  Expect to get some nice noob toon gear.  Folks joining will need to be able to clear their first planet to join. 


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Tatooine Blues

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((I often refer to Tatooine Blues as a music style Henerkin listens to. Here is an example))

At the site where used to be his parents homestead, Captain Eisley sits in the shadow of The Skull with a bottle of Anchorhead Bourbon, watching the two suns rising behind his Jolly Roger to the sound of Tatooine Blues, a smile on his lips.

"Rest in Peace Mother, Rest in Peace Father, for now yor deaths are avenged"

((The song playing in background))

Space Pirate, Captain of The Skull
Invicta, Resident hired Privateer.


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Group description: 
A group for Invicta members playing or interested Star Wars: The Old Republic
Group roles and permissions: 
Override default roles and permissions
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9:00 CST
Outpost Rennar, Tatooine


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Mayhem Mondays

The Intelligence Division

Submission Type:

Please take a moment to make your opinion known on this poll.


How much intrest is there in the Intelligence Division?

Yes, I want to see it continue and I am in it.
42% (5 votes)
Yes, I want to see it continue and I want to join
8% (1 vote)
No interest in it at all.
0% (0 votes)
Yes I want to see it continue but I dont have a characte suited for it.
50% (6 votes)
Total votes: 12

Big cat massage

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Jar would love something like that.


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Survival of the Fittest

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((This is a non-interactive story that will be postedin pieces. Thanks! And enjoy.))

No'vah had one more run to make out in the Outer Rim. Lok'kiy was on pilot duty while No'vah went over the inventory and made sure everything was in order. Some customers were more...picky...than others. This client was incredibly particular. The coms lit up and Lok's voice came in through the speakers. 

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[Legend] The Seer of the Sands

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Among the smaller settlements of Tatooine, there is an urban legend of a witch who lives among the dunes. Some call her a hermit, or a nomad. Others claim she is a seer. 

Skeptics say she is simply crazy, if they even agree that she exists at all. 

Sometimes, you can call for her. Those who try bring gifts; water, blankets, food. She does not come for credits. If she answers your call, and accepts your offering, you may ask of her what you wish, though you may not receive the answer you hoped for. 

Operation 'Cresting Barri'

 **This message will be recieved to all members of Project Invictas some time early on Wednesday the 25.**


One day ago the ship "Cresting Barri"  reported engine trouble then the transmission went silent. It never reached its destination and  Its last known location was over voss. The "Cresting Barri" was carring sensitive information aboard, both computer and personal; it is imparative that they are retrieved. We will meeting on Voss-ka at approximately 8 CST.

More details will be discussed  upon arrival to Voss-ka. Show up armed and prepared.

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Ongoing Guild Storyline: Strike Team 'Venomous'

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((OOC: The following is a recounting of events that took place September 20th.  The events will be instrumental in beginning an additional line within the current guild storyline.  Please stay tuned for future updates and additional operations.))

Intel Division Meeting

Status of the Division meeting

Tuesday, Sep 24, 2000 CST

Nexus Cantina, DK.

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Mayhem Mondays

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Darth Vikt Visits Nar Shadaa Nights

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Darth Vikt Visits Nar Shadaa Nights

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Sneak Peek

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Adrift...briefly...Now, tucked into an asteroid in the Outer Rim. With communications destroyed and ship badly damaged...there's nothing to be done but bide time and make repairs. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. Worst yet, she wasn't alone...But the rest is so in depth..And this is merely a teaser.

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WE GOT THE TOWNHOUSE APPROVED! This means on or about Oct 1st (just in time for my birthday!) we'll be moving in. I will have my computer back! Granted I'll need time to move in and settle at least a little. I'm so damn excited I can barely type! -wriggles around and dances- I got a place to live! I got a place to live! I'm not homeless! lmao

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Mayhem Mondays

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Still Alive!! (OOC)

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I do still exist! I know that Dreh-type person may have said something after brief texting with him, but I figured I'd throw out a forum post because...I can do that!

Asset Collection (Spoilers, sorry)






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*UPDATED: New Time* Sith Division Meeting (Take 2)

((OOC: Once again I am sorry that I had to cancel the last one.  As it turns out, some of you weren't available either.  Lets hope that we can get this one to work out better for everyone))

Who: All Project Invicta Sith Regardless of Rank

What: Meet and Greet and Strategy Session

Where: Korriban Sith Academy

When: Sunday September 15th @ 9:00pm Eastern Time (8pmCST)

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<Rahm taking leave for Bounty Hunting.>

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From: General Orade
To: Invicta Auxilliary Corps
Subject: VOSS

<Invicta Auxilliary Corps has been offered the chance to put its expertose to the test. The Voss have numerous missions on the table that, if completed, will ingratiate their leaders to the Empire.>

<Meet at Voss-Ka for debriefing on Friday the Thirteenth at 8:30pm Coruscant Standard Time. Standard contracts, plus bonuses for jobs well done, are authorized.>

<Orade out.>

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Inactive Member Purge

I’ll be doing an inactive member purge from our guild roster on Sept. 10th.  All characters that haven’t been online in the last 60 days will be removed from the guild.  Please cycle through your alts and make sure they’re all online, to prevent them from being booted.




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