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TOR: Project Invicta

Invicta's Imperial guild.

Recruitment drive

Trix has made me the guilds recruiter and I have been working on my first recruitment event

On Tuesday, June 24 at 8pm CST I will be holding my first recruitment event, a kind of hide and go seek run, and I need atleast one other person to help by being the person whom everyone is going to be looking for.

This event will be happening on Drommund Kass and there will likely be two different runs, perhaps 3 depending on how fast the first two go.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 - 9:00pm

Sith operation on Balamorra.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - 9:30pm

*Notifications Sent to the Sith within the Project*

Submission Type:

*Notifications Sent to the Sith within the Project*
It has come to the attention of the project that Balamorra is housing cache of both Jedi and sith artifacts. You assistance is requested in recovering these items for the empire. There will be a meeting on Monday 8 GST to discuss the plan of action then the following day execute it. This will be a sith only operation.

June 16 @ 8:30CST
on Balamorra
(This will be Briefing prelude to the actual event.. So you don't 'have to be here to show up for the adventure event. Hoping though it will be a nother day those can spend on the sithy's to socialize a bit as well. I will also putting up the adventer post after thise one.)

Small suggestion and want your feedback.

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Basically it's simple. I know a lot of guilds that have set days for their storyline rp. Why don't we have that? It will make thing clearer for every one. We can still do other events on other days if ppl are on and up to it. What do you guys think?

Wraith Op - Counter Strike

A ship belonging to the Balmorran Resistance Forces was captured by the planetary Blockade recently.

Aboard this ship were crates containing physical credits in the amount of 25 million and ten high ranking officials who were traveling with the intent of using these credits to negotiate deals with various mercenaries, bounty hunters and suppliers to bolster their failing defences.

Friday, June 6, 2014 - 9:00pm
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Tacos, Again ((Anabela))

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Ba’raka threw up his hands as Anabela trudge into the hangar on fleet to meet him. “… Where’s the tacos?”

She stopped dead, giving him her “are you serious?” look.

All told, she had no reason to complain. She had escaped the battle with minimal damage. Her armor was ruined and would need to be refitted, but her body had made it through with only minor scrapes and bruises. Others had not been so lucky. Her thoughts returned to the teams that had suffered serious injuries. She frowned at her Riduur, her face tired as she walked toward him.

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Battle of Balmorra: pt II: Crossroads

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 9:00pm

SWToR Suggestion Box

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Something I posted in the suggestion box on the offical forums, feel free to drop into the thread and make a post if you see anything you agree with.


Operation Tin Man - Second Deployment - After Action Report

Submission Type:

Unfortunetly I must declare this operation a total failure.

We arrived at the location "Tin Man" was based out of only to find that the droid had been loaded up into a transport and was lifting off just as Invicta forces arrived.

An attempt to shoot the ship down failed and the trail of the ship was lost due to the amount of trafic operating in the system.

Wraith (Intel)- Operatin Tin Man - Second Deployment

Further information has been uncovered about the mysterious droid on Nar Shadaa.

All Wraith avalable (Intel) personel report to Nar Shadaa for mission asignments.

Bring combat gear for a short, but pitched, fire fight.

Additional combat forces requested.

Due to operational security concerns I must ask that force users not attend.

Friday, April 25, 2014 - 9:00pm

Operation Tin Man - First Deployment - After Action Report

Submission Type:

Reports of Exchange and Cartel forces being decimated single handedly by a single, unknown, droid were confirmed and enough evidence was gathered to locate where the droid had been manufactured.

A four man squad of Wraith special operations commandos infiltrated the Nar Shadaa droid research and development facility and successfully downloaded their data files and destroyed their main computer terminal to slow down future production and to cover their actions.

Data files are being decrypted and analyzed.

Be alert for further assignment.

Wraith (intel) Operation - Tin Man

**Attenting all Wraith Personel**

Assymble on the docking ring of Viken Spacedock for active feild operations.

Ensure all gear has had all imperial markings and identifications removed

Friday, April 11, 2014 - 9:00pm
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Assault Team Training - Small Unit Combat Simulations

All members of the Assault Team are requested to be present for simulation training. We will meet aboard Vaiken Spacedock on 04.02.14 at 8:30pm CST to begin various Combat Simulations.
Be prepared for this to be an engaging experience.
-Alor Rahm Orade.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - 9:30pm
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After Action Report from Xalthier

Submission Type:

|| Recieving Encrypted Communications ||
|| Source: Error: Unknown Origin ||
|| Decrypting . . . ||
|| Decryption Complete ||
"This is Commodore Xalthier of the Krayt Armada. I am pleased to report our strike team's success!
Thanks to Captain Starling of the Amythest Queen, a chain reaction was started once she freed a handful of slaves which in turn caused a riot across the complex. Most of the members of each team had broken off to assist the slave rebellion. By the time the strike force reached the objective, there were only two members of the Amethyst Queen and a few slaves that had been armed with weapons they aquired from the guards. They managed to take down a special force of guards and I arrived just in time to assist in defeating the Warden. We had no casualties and very few injuries on our end but we did lose some slaves in the struggle. Overall, though, we won. I hope to hear from your end soon."
|| End Transmission ||

Intelligence Division Meeting - Canceled

Attention all Intelligence Division Personnel.

All active duty Intelligence personnel are to report the War Room in our base on Voss for mission assignment.

Thursday, April 3, 2014 - 9:00pm

Intelligence Division - Situation Update Meeting

I have recived information about Imperial Operations that warrent an investigation, details and assignements will be given at the meeting due to the classified nature of the information and upcoming assingments. If this information proves accurate it could threaten the Empires war effort.

Date : 2/21
Time: 2000 local [8pm CST]
Location: Intelligence Office, Skyline Outpost, Voss
Attendance Note - Uniforms, if one is not owned one will be issued. Additional Invicta personel are welcome.

Friday, February 21, 2014 - 9:00pm
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Tuesday Night Datacron Hunt: News/Update

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This tuesday, December 17th, I have my children's christmas concerts to attend:  Due to this, I am canceling the Datacron event for tonight.

The next two tuesdays fall on the 24th and the 31st of december.  I'm going to go out on a limb and pre-cancel them since those nights aren't really dependable nights... That being said, I look forward to starting things back up in the new year. 


Seasons Greetings and all that fun poop. 


- Paul

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Storyline RP Forming

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Of those who are unaware, I have been forming an open storyline RP, based off my Pureblood, Lord Holgerjay. The main plot is good old fashoned Sith infighting. A lord outside of the Project before anyone starts pointing any fingers. His name is Lord Hesskar, though by the end of this Saga, he will wind up dead but one lucky person gets to play him, if interested toss me a pst in game while I am on or send me an email at the link below, seeing as the PM system here is out of whack. Now, we also need a few of you fine folks who want to be the baddies, seeing as Lord Hesskar has his own powerbase, and needs a few underlings. Npcs at their finest. Important positions to be filled are listed below:


Agent Recovery Mission

Submission Type:

This is a consolidation and updating of information regarding all operations to recover Agent Jaracole and this section will be updated as new information is provided and current information becomes out of date.  When ever there is an update, check here as well.


Agent Jaracole when missing while trackind down information for Lady Ierina regarding a number of military engagements that appeared to have been adversly effected by outside influance.




Personel involved - Jar'rogen, Sally, Danvil, Lucsian, Sancia Darr


Agent Jaracole's personal space ship was recovered from a docking bay from an orbital station above Quesh along with copies of all security holos, activity logs, sensor logs, ect.  Agent 27, (Sancia Darr), and Agent 5-2, (Lucsian), secured the ship, encountering the remnants of a spent booby trap and a recorded message.

OOC - Calling All Intel players

Submission Type:


If you have a character in the Inteligence division that is NOT listed on the bottom of the first post in that thread please post here with your character name so I can add you.


If you are interested in adding an alt to the Inteligence Division please post here as well and mention that you would like to get a character in, and the character name, and I will work on getting you in as soon as I can.


Fire and Blood - To Kill a Kilgar

Submission Type:

"It's over" The simplist of two words yet words that pierced through the thickest of Beskar, and went strait through the heart. There was nothing he could say to that, not a single word he could muster, his brain froze for a moment only to be slapped with the cold sting of reality. He messed up big, only this time there was no coming back, no making up as they always did. They say you don't realize how good something is until it's gone, something he realized entirely too late. Still his love for her lingered stronger than ever, and seeing her in pain both physical and emotional as she lay on the medical table brought him suffering. He didn't know what to do, how to fix things, instead he acted on impulse as he always did, more of a weakness than a strength, it made him reckless.

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7:00 CST
Outpost Skyline, Voss


Belatrix's Twi cousin

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Belatrix's cousin

Starfighter Tips, stratagies and more

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Decided to start a thread so we can all share things we have learned/discovered that could help us all out with this, my first tip is this.


When doing the Daily/Weekly starfighter missions, stockpile the mission rewards that give ship requisition to all unlocked ships untill you have unlocked all the ships that you want/can.  Each ship that you have unlocked on that character only makes those rewards more vaulable.

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SOG: Combat Operation

Submission Type:

<<<Attention all Studies and Observations Personnel>>>


A general muster is hereby called for Thursday, December 5th, at 8PM CST.  All troops are ordered to report to the War Room at our terrestrial headquarters of Outpost Skyline, geared and prepared for full combat action.

This is in regards to Operation Purity.


That is all,

Captain Ziah’Synex, CEDG SOG; Commanding

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SOG: Combat Operation

<<<Attention all Studies and Observations Personnel>>>


A general muster is hereby called for Thur, December 5th, at 8PM CST.  All troops are ordered to report to the War Room at our terrestrial headquarters of Outpost Skyline, geared and prepared for full combat action.

This is in regards to Operation Purity.


That is all,

Captain Ziah’Synex, CEDG SOG; Commanding

((Day changed to Thursday, due to scheduling conflicts.))


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The Signal.

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