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TOR: Project Invicta

Invicta's Imperial guild.

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Repeats every week every Tuesday 5 times.
Sunday, November 8, 2015 - 8:30pm
Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - 8:30pm
Tuesday, November 17, 2015 - 8:30pm
Tuesday, November 24, 2015 - 8:30pm
Tuesday, December 1, 2015 - 8:30pm
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What a Man Can Do

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"Goddess be dam'd Car stop!" The small green twi'lek woman covered in grease chased after much larger lethan, having to practically run to keep up with the 7 foot tall male's stride. She then promptly slammed into him as the blasphemous phrase had him spin back toward her.

"What?" Cartulak was an imposing firm when he was in a pleasant mood. The scowl on the pirate's face now would make durasteel wilt.

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5 Years On

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The Kaggeth is over.
Invicta has been destroyed.
Darth Bealtrix was captured and placed inside of a Rakata Mind Trap, and five years have passed on.
This is the thread where everyone can give a brief rundown of what their characters have been doing hence. We don't need a story, in fact, I'd prefer if we could keep it down to one sentence. For example, here ar emy characters.

Belatrix: Imprisoned in a mind trap
Trixxe: Hiding out with Enaeru, adventuring in far off sectors
Synex: remaining in the Chiss Ascendancy.
Mauragh: Deceased

This will just be a tool to help anyone wishing to plan a story, keep track of who is where, and doing what.

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Grand Theft Sith

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“Why are we doing this?” Essan wined, “you don’t owe her anything. Stars Car its not like she’d do it for you.” The rest of the crew nodded and looked to Car.

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Summary of the Raitia view of battle on ISS Invicta where Belatrix was defeated.

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Raitia was writing reports, inside the ISS Invicta, at her desk at the medical bay when a great shake and alarm blaring. She order the staff to stockpile medical items and organizes teams to prepare for incoming wounded. After another shake, the walking wounded and stechers came in. She order some teams of medical personnel to damage areas and set up temp medical areas. Then she triage the wounded, those that can be saved are admitted, those that can not are sent to the morgue.

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A Light in the Shadows

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Despite the thing taking up the majority of the open space in the main common area of the station, Chveya never felt that the great Banyari tree - or the grass beneath it - was the center of attention, never bustling or crowded. Indeed it was often hard to believe the number of people hurrying by it at all hours; she felt as comfortable there as if she were in her own bed. Perhaps it was simply that nobody interrupted her there. It was a well-known fact among her peers that, unless pressed by a more urgent task, the young miraluka would drop nearly anything if a favor were asked of her.

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Delusion's Wrath

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Not even a day and a half after the council meeting and the discussion with Darth Atrinark, Rahm and Drikkah are home in Vhetin. The midday warmth of the Mandalorian sun streams through every window that permits it, and a light lunch is on the table as Nena plays on the floor.

Sitting at the kitchen table, Rahm is surrounded by datapads, with reports coming in from every company of each battalion. His battalion, the first, has everyone accounted for, and the others continue to report their location as the hours go by.

“We’ve got almost everyone,” he says out loud, hopefully loud enough for Drikkah to hear. “Only a few hundred still not reporting.”

“That is no small sum of people,” Drikkah calls back, followed by the sound of shuffling papers, a drawer smoothly sliding out then back, and a lock turning. She emerges from her study and pulls out a chair at the table.

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Developer's Blog - Cartel Market Changes

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Cartel Market Changes Coming in Fallen Empire!

Hi all!
I wanted to take a moment and let you all know of some exciting changes coming to the Cartel Market with the release of Knights of the Fallen Empire. We are touching almost every portion of the Cartel Market in some way or another, and below are some of the bigger changes that we hope you guys will be excited about.
Our primary goal behind most of the Cartel Market changes for 4.0 is making things easier to understand at a glance and making things more accessible. Below are a few examples of how we are attempting to address this goal:
  • Players have had feedback on navigating the Collections interface for a while now, so we are focusing on making some quality of life changes to make it easier to use.
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Developer's Blog - Missions

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Mission Changes

Drawing inspiration from the success of last year’s 12x XP boost and the more recent Epic Story XP Boost, in Fallen Empire we’ve altered the core leveling experience from 1-60 for all players, making it quicker and more story-centric. Our goal is to create a tighter leveling experience that alleviates the fatigue associated with having to complete dozens of Missions per planet and that allows players to focus on the core storylines of their characters and companions amid the backdrop of the Great Galactic War.
To accomplish this we’ve established a new critical path, reducing the number of Missions players are required to complete in order to progress along with an adjusted experience curve. Additionally we’ve made a number of changes to Heroic Missions and re-classified Missions not considered part of the critical path as Exploration Missions. Here is some more information on those Mission types:
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"I don't know Hool that's an Imperial destroyer," the younger Rodian was understandably nervous. The Empire did not look kindly on 'unauthorized' salvage.

"You worry too much Paloo, it's a derelict she's been out here for months. No one cares about this wreck.

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Two and a half years in the life of a Solo Mercenary

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The casino as usual is loud and crowded. With the sligthtly-better-than-average odds of winning and the complete lack of Hutt involvement the establishment had a steady stream of customers most nights. Usually even more so when the proprieter herself was in attendance. A night like tonight. The raven haired woman watches the crowd as she leans against the wall pretending to be paying attention to the dancers. Annabelle pushes off of the wall with a foot and makes her way across the main floor to a small group gathered at one of the gambling tables. The sway of her leather-clad hips exagerated just enough to make sure her path across the floor is noticed. She takes a sip from her glass of Whyren's before setting it on the edge of the table as she leans forward, placing a hand on the man's shoulder as she leans in.

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Shades of Faith

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He stood in the echo of her departure for several long moments, savoring the pounding race of his pulse. Perhaps it was the two days in a kolto tank with nothing but his thoughts. Perhaps the rising tide of the current crisis, either way the truth had been spoken aloud.

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Windows 10?

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So not sure if missing people posting about it or if anyone actually has but has anyone done the Windows 10 upgrade and how is the game working on it? I'm afraid to try it till I know it's safe... seeing how the last Windows gave problems for the game that had to be adjusted so people who got the new one could play

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Belief and Purpose

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The hunt done, the meal finished, the Masassi returned to their posts. Laveaus had been trying to participating as much as possible in their daily activities. There was nobility in what many called savagery. She didn't want them to listen just because the Mistress told them to, she wanted their respect as well. It was a different way of thinking to what she was used to, and as the lethan woman gazed out over the green canopy below her mind replayed the events that had brought her here.

Vor'sha Quarters, (Nar Shadda)

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Telessa steps clipped echoing in the safe house. As she came down the stair she heard Khorde running to catch up. Her head half turned to see the young man get even with her. “You did well Khorde, thank you for picking me up.” She responded her voice still tense with her annoyance.

Khorde took off his helmet and looked over, his lips quirked up and he shrugged. “No problem Tele. It let me fly a little.” He rolled the helmet in his hand and chuckled. “Quite a run.. Your friends shoot each other often?” he looked over the blue eyes sparkling.

I'm Back!!! (sorta)

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After a bit of a long break from internet beside few wifi stops here or there. I have internet connection again. :)
That said I don't know how much play time I will be able to get just yet. We had to get Satellite internet and have a exceeding low Data Allowance of only 10 GB a month prime time right now. After Midnight my time it is unlimited so most of my play time will be then. I know stuff usually happens earlier and will try to make those events still.
That said if anyone wanted to do forum rp, or skype rp I would be up for that as I think that uses less data let me know. Machele19 is my skype name. Its good to be back and I hope in time I will be able to get in game more often.. thank you all.

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((Written and RPed by Mel trix and me.))

A speeder lands on the platform. A good looking redhead with two blasters hanging on her belt disembarks and proceeds towards the Rattataki.

- Melkaio : Welcome to The Treasure island Casino Lady Trixie! Our hideout on Nar Shaddaa!

-Trixie : I’ve been called many things but Lady surely ain’t one of em’! Glad to see ya again Mel!

-Melkaio : A shared pleasure Trixie! Last time we met was at your party on Tatooine. The one where the Captain drunk himself under the table… well one of them.

At The same moment, a small droid scans the young lady and points two rotating automatic blasters at her.He is followed closely by a Jawa with an electro-baton.

- Technok : Scanning for targets, Ready for deletion…

Rusty, the Jawa, hits the droid with discharge from the electro-baton before it finishes it’s sentence.

- Rusty : Ukanbi uni Technok akata! (Quiet Technok!)

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Fuck That: A Guided Meditation

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Having a stressful day? Say "fuck that" and listen to this.


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Project Invicta's Enjin Page

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I've recently got a new wind of motivation to do some much needed upkeep on our guild's recruitment thread on Enjin

Please head over HERE and take a look. let me know what you think, as I'm wide open to new and interesting ideas to spice it up.

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Invicta in KotFE

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As you all know, a major expansion is coming out in October, which will radically shift the direction of the game, and by extension, the scope of the Invicta’s RP story.

Personally, I see this as a good thing. RP needs to be shaken up every now and then in order to keep things fresh and exciting. This will do exactly that. It’s going to force a change into all our stories, and allow us a chance to revamp all our characters which might’ve gotten stale over time.

This is our “reboot”

Not much about this expansion has been confirmed. As such, we are NOT going to discuss rumours and conjecture. We’re only going to discuss the CONFIRMED aspects that are going to affect our guild story.
As of now, this is what we know…

The story will fast forward ahead five years. Our characters and guild will have five years to account for.

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Water showers over her head, streaming along the network of scars scrawled across her cheekbones, brows, and nose. Ill-healed and twisted lids collect twin pools as her face cranes toward the ceiling, shivering and shrinking in upon herself, and she is

raising her arms to the storm, unceasing and unrelenting, lightning streaking through the Kaas sky. Storm-colored eyes, ringed with scarlet, cry out a challenge to the chaos, and there is

green for miles, gardens growing and fields blooming, and everywhere, everywhere, they are silent, still, and they stare. There are accusations in their eyes, suspicion and sorrow and sadness, thousands upon thousands, and then there is nothing. A chorus of voiceless laments, their faces flaking into ash and still they surround her until

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In the servants quarters of Belatrix's Kaas apartments, the cook spends an hour searching for her favorite boots. She finds them, later, stowed sensibly away in her footlocker. With the hairbrush she lost last week.
Decorations artfully placed on side tables turn up in storage closets.
One of Belatrix's favorite flowering plants acquires a self-watering gadget, of the sort used by people who don't trust their neighbors to look after their homes while on vacation.

On the ISS Invicta, soldiers find spare MREs stashed in their lockers.

The Invicta Headquarters seems plagued by the same trickster; a coat here, a utility belt there, all discovered later neatly tucked into lockers, travelling cases, bags. Nothing is missing, simply... stowed.

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induction ideas

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Raitia belong to a corporation doing shady and illegal activies , but was scapegoat by the corpation saying, "she was rogue element and her group acted alone."
Orpaned after Republic strike on a research facility, she swored revenge against Republic. Found she poor fighter so, she join the medical divison where she treated imperial soliders and citizen, then expierment on republic wounded and POWs.
Slave from hutt empire, where is she learn alot of knowledge from been expierment on, a prominited imperial sciencetist took notice during a travel to look for more specimens. Brought her and took back to empire for training. Eventually earning her citizenship and spot in Science Breau.

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9PM CST - SATURDAY - 06.24.2015


Saturday, June 27, 2015 - 10:00pm


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