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TOR: Project Invicta

Invicta's Imperial guild.

Tuesday Night Expeditions ((Imp Side RP event))

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Tuesday Night Expeditions

* If there is no answer, please remember that your comm is important to us. Please leave your name, number and a brief message at the tone.


::What this is:: In Character (mostly) Roleplay (mostly) datacron hunting expedition event on Imperial side

::When is this:: Tuesday evenings (6PM PST, 6PM AZ, 7PM MST, 8PM CST, 9PM EST)

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PI Combat Training Night

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PI - Combat Training

See the calander, Monday nights, 8 - 11 est, sub 50 pvp groups.  Hope to see alot of you there :)


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PI Combat Training

Monday Night - Project Invicta Combat Training

Time: 8:00pm - 11:00pm est.

Contact: Xaveria/Tambra

This will be a sub 50 combat training night.  Please contact Xaveria or Tambra if your interested in joining, or perhaps leading a group should the need arise.

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For the keeper about Korriban (this was RP event by Nocifer)

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Keeper, I sent you some images I was able to pull from security feed on Korriban. People and Alien on these photos are Sith lords and their new apprentices. Also, the lords belong to PI or some association to them.

Admin: Below the break so as to not break the page...

Star Wars day!

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May the fourth be with you.


I had to.

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Character Info: Agoris Enyo Jr.

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::Public Imperial Record::

Name: Agoris Enyo Jr.

Occupation: Sith Marauder

Imperial Military Status: Passed trials on Korriban. Recruited to Project Invicta by member of Dark Council.

Age: Around 20

Linage: Mother Unknown. Father Agoris Enyo turned Jedi Shadow was undercover for the Dark Council ((See me for details should you think your character should have this information.))

Known History:

Hello from Xia'mara!

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Hey all! Glad to be back among the Invicta crew.


This is Jela from FE, Xia'mara is my new persona, looking forward to great times again



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Project Invicta: Sith Academy Trials Tonight at 9pm EST!



Attention Project Invicta Personnel:

His Grace, the Count Noctifer of House Varn, will be entertaining applications by force sensitive personnel this evening to join Project Invicta's private Sith Academy.  Existing Masters are welcome, as are Apprentices seeking Masters.  Note that Apprentices without Masters will be expected to compete in a display of their aptitude.

Help Wanted Ad ((Imperial side))

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Casual help wanted: Seeking adventure? Want to explore the galaxy?

People are required for assistance with expeditions and general business aquisitions. Seeking qualified sentients with experience in protection and defensive combat. Also required are sentients who may not be fighters, but who have skills in leadership, pathfinding, accounting or other applicable business skills.

Work may take place in dangerous and hazardous environments. May require lifting over 50 lbs. 

Successful applicants will be well compensated financially for their work. Individuals of all species, genders and nationalities are invited to apply. Equal opportunity employer. To apply, contact Ratlash @ holocomm frequency **555-TREASURE-HUNT**

Sith RP Interest?

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 Hey there,

 Some of you might remember me from AoC and the Blades,but its been a while. First off I am really very happy and excited to be part of Invicta in TOR. I always enjoyed the RP from AoC and hoping to have the same amount of fun in TOR. This brings me to my question. I was curious if any of you on the Imperial side had any Dark Side/Sith RP going and were looking for an apprentice or minion for your Dark Lord?

 I currently have two characters that I would love to get into some kind of RP like that. One is a Sith Pureblood Marauder named Viorar, currently he is level 13, and then I have Sirius a level 32 Juggernaut. Violaris a blank slate and could be molded into anything that would fit someone's needs.

 Sirius however has a very detailed back story that began with him not being Force Sensitive and through Sith Alchemy he was transformed into a raw conduit for the Darkside. 

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Project Invicta: Guild Vault, Command Staff and Divisions

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We've made a lot of headway in rebuilding Project Invicta in a few short days and I wanted to thank everyone for working hard to get things back on track and rolling again.  We're off to a great start and I'm getting more and more excited about the things to come!

A few announcements, to keep people udpated:


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