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Out of Character

Small suggestion and want your feedback.

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Basically it's simple. I know a lot of guilds that have set days for their storyline rp. Why don't we have that? It will make thing clearer for every one. We can still do other events on other days if ppl are on and up to it. What do you guys think?

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Guild Kick Bug

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It's come to my attention, that with patch 2.8, we were treated with a myriad of fun and exciting new bugs. Many of these bugs don't make any sense, but seem to be related with various social engines.

The most significantnif these bugs to Invicta is a bug which automaticly kicks players from guild, seemingly at random. I want to assure everyone, that no one has been removed from the guild by myself or any officer. If you login to find yourself homeless, that is a game bug. Merely contact myself or any officer in the game, and we'll invite you back in, at your previously held rank, immediately. If you cannot get ahold of an officer in game, send me a private message via the forums and we'll arrange something.

my alts are...

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Rusty's Jawa Droid Generator

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I needed a Star Wars droid name generator and couldn't find any, so I made one. It evolved into Responsive HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript work in progress. It will grow from there into complete droid character sheets eventually, but until then, Enjoy!


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Profile on other sites

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Here link to my alternate profile

SWToR Suggestion Box

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Something I posted in the suggestion box on the offical forums, feel free to drop into the thread and make a post if you see anything you agree with.


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Semi-Retired for Awhile

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First this doesn't mean I won't be playing, It means I won't be doing daylies or leveling alts anymore. I'll be on for RP and events if needed and I got a few pirate stories in the work.

With the loss of my job, I need to refocus my efforts. I would have plenty of time to play, and it would be all to easy to sit here all day and just do that. But if I wanna make it to the next job I need to keep working and studying and remain focused on gaining a certain skill level. The past 7 years working in the same environment with the same technology was a good run, but as the years passed, technologies evolved and I didn't have time to follow the wave as I would have wanted to. So now is the time to get up to date and it reqires a lot of focus and efforts.

Some of you might see me in ESO once in awhile but I'll be very casual.

So in short, getting my shit togheter and then I'll be back for real.

Galactic Strongholds Expansion

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There have been some changes to the up coming expansion, namely it is being delayed.

Here are the two articals about/with the changes.


and a more detaled write up


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Watch Dog and the data on you

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Watch Dog made a program, that show you all the data Facebook collect it. Basically, shows the data if you were the target of the assassinations.

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No reason

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Just remembering some good times spent with some great people

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My deal in ESO

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Alright, so here's the thing... I miss the hell out of you guys and want to play ESO with you, so I've set up a guild Daggerfall-side and will be inviting you in as I see you. I plan to start doing a little light RP in the guild next week.
My time, however, is still pretty limited. I'm still running a 40+ player LARP every other Saturday and it takes a ton of prep, so the week that the LARP is happening, my free time for MMOs is pretty slim. The week its _not_ happening, I should be on much more. This will likely last through November or so, then I'll have a break until March again (unless we decide to end it with Chronicle 2, which is very, very possible).
I just wanted y'all to know where I was at and why my time online might be limited a bit. Still looking forward to hanging with y'all and enjoying ESO!


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Howdy! It's been awhile...
First, many apologies for dropping off the planet, it is a loooooong story and I just never got around to saying anything here. And for that, I am sorry, it was extremely poor form.
Anyway, I'm sort of playing ESO and thought I would check in. My wife has been lurking here for quite some time and said you guys were giving it a go.
So, Howdy!

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Making a Go at Elder Scrolls Online

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Alright, as some of you might've noticed, I've a hankering to get back into MMOs and I'll be making a go at Elder Scrolls Online. If you're planning to play, interested in playing or just curious, click the 'groups' link at the top and join the Elder Scrolls Online group. That'll give you access to the ESO forums and allow you to join the discussion there.
Yes, this means I'm intending to open an Invicta chapter there. The basic concept of the guild will be very familiar to those of you who played Age of Conan with us... the Invicta Mercenary Company. Until I've really dug into things (tomorrow! I picked up early access), I don't have a ton more details. If you're interested, join that group and we'll discuss more in the ESO forums.
I'd love to play with you guys again! Been missing y'all tons!

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New Functionality to the Website

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I've added some new functionality to the website and corrected some problems on the back-end that was limiting how the site worked:

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OrdoInvicta.com 3.0 up for live Beta Testing

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Annnnd we're back. Yes, the site is ugly as heck... we'll be working to fix that. Consider this a 'live beta' for the site upgrade.
If you notice any bugs or problems, please post them here as a reply so I can track them more easily.
Known Issues:

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Tuesday Night Datacron Hunt: News/Update

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This tuesday, December 17th, I have my children's christmas concerts to attend:  Due to this, I am canceling the Datacron event for tonight.

The next two tuesdays fall on the 24th and the 31st of december.  I'm going to go out on a limb and pre-cancel them since those nights aren't really dependable nights... That being said, I look forward to starting things back up in the new year. 


Seasons Greetings and all that fun poop. 


- Paul

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IMPORTANT: Major Site Upgrade!!

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I will be conducting a major site upgrade on Wednesday, December 18th starting around 8am. This will upgrade the back end from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 and will improve the site's functionality, reliability and security. The site will be down for the duration, which I expect to take about 24 to 48 hours.
While I'll be backing everything up prior to the upgrade, disasters happen!
When the site comes back up, there will be some changes in functionality (particularly with Events). We'll also have a 'out of the box' theme for the site until I can get the themes more or less upgraded (upgrading themes has been a somewhat tedious process in the past, so this may take well beyond the 48 hours I'm allotting for this).
If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to reply here.

Communication skills

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Storyline RP Forming

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Of those who are unaware, I have been forming an open storyline RP, based off my Pureblood, Lord Holgerjay. The main plot is good old fashoned Sith infighting. A lord outside of the Project before anyone starts pointing any fingers. His name is Lord Hesskar, though by the end of this Saga, he will wind up dead but one lucky person gets to play him, if interested toss me a pst in game while I am on or send me an email at the link below, seeing as the PM system here is out of whack. Now, we also need a few of you fine folks who want to be the baddies, seeing as Lord Hesskar has his own powerbase, and needs a few underlings. Npcs at their finest. Important positions to be filled are listed below:


OOC - Calling All Intel players

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If you have a character in the Inteligence division that is NOT listed on the bottom of the first post in that thread please post here with your character name so I can add you.


If you are interested in adding an alt to the Inteligence Division please post here as well and mention that you would like to get a character in, and the character name, and I will work on getting you in as soon as I can.


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A MMO with no Silly Elf races... it's just silly but WAY COOL!

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I admit... I'm intriuged and I may have had a few messes in my pants... <.< >.>


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Glad to see Invicta still around. Thought I would drop in and say hi to everyone who might remember me, as well as those I don't know.


Belatrix's Twi cousin

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Belatrix's cousin

Starfighter Tips, stratagies and more

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Decided to start a thread so we can all share things we have learned/discovered that could help us all out with this, my first tip is this.


When doing the Daily/Weekly starfighter missions, stockpile the mission rewards that give ship requisition to all unlocked ships untill you have unlocked all the ships that you want/can.  Each ship that you have unlocked on that character only makes those rewards more vaulable.


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